The Director of “Mukhtar” revealed secrets of the dog training famous dog

Режиссер «Мухтара» раскрыл тайны дрессировки знаменитой собаки
Finished shooting a new season of “Mukhtar. New track”.

Frame from the set of “Mukhtar”

Photo: press-service of NTV

In Minsk finished shooting
the new season of the TV series “Mukhtar. A new trail,” which 13 years of success
goes on the channel. During this time, the project has earned the love of the audience, and this
year he received the nomination at TEFI in the category of “Daytime television

series “Mukhtar. New trail” took on the air of NTV on 20 March. Already out
60 series and the audience had to get used to
the new name and new faces. The story of a close-knit team,
which is associated not only relationships, but also a real friendship.
Operatives Maxim Zharov, Alexey Samoilov and investigator Catherine
Kalitina reveal petty theft, intricate fraud
and the daring robbery of Mukhtar — Sheepdog not worse
professional investigators can find the evidence and catch
offenders. Over the years the police have begun to act as
single coherent mechanism in which each is assigned its own

Maxim Zharov in the new season played Vladimir Filenko, and Mukhtar directly
four shepherds — Viva
Warrior, Noris and Dux. With all the “Mukhtars” Vladimir has developed
great relationship and this is clearly seen on the screen. One Soldier even
came to the defense of Vladimir. “He
rushed to the actor who played the criminal,” — says Vladimir. — “He began to bark loudly, sternly growl and chase away him from me.”

Oleg Sheremet says that dogs are not only a professional advocate,
but virtuoso performers. When
the Director decided to shoot the scene in one take, the dog handler said that the dog,
sorry, have not mastered this multi-tasking mission. Besides, it is impossible one and
the same scene to rehearse many times, the dog loses interest and then
to play it already not make. “But I was convinced
that Mukhtar will succeed”, — said Sheremet. — “We shot
a scene from the series “save Hromcik”, where the Mukhtar in the office of the Opera takes
box of tissues, and holds it up to the expert Nadia, then a little sitting
next to the guys and goes to his place. When the heroine
Lights Bryanboy comes in and says its replica, Mukhtar barks”
the answer,” and then runs up to her and puts his paws upon her lap. All this
one take, no glueing! It would seem, nothing complicated, but imagine
what is the dog. Canine and all the others were in shock.”

a new season and from the technical side. Alexey Moiseev, who in
the present composition can be called
“veteran” project, shared his impressions from the shooting process, –
“The new style of filming allows actors to “live” in the frame, not thinking about the light,
how to stand. In addition, there are more opportunities to shoot
odnodolnye scenes, such as the transition from the corridor
office. Looks very alive and natural”.