The Director of “Live steel” talked about the development of the idea of a sequel

Режиссер «Живой стали» рассказал о разработке идеи сиквела

When you hear the name of the actor Hugh Jackman what as appears in the head? Certainly, Wolverine. Due to this character a name Jackman became widely known all over the world. But in addition to the franchise “X-Men” spin-off about Logan, Hugh starred in dozens of other films, one of which was the “real steel”.

Here, Jackman tried to approach the world of fiction, because he was part of a project depicting life of robot gladiators.

The movie “real steel” Director Shawn levy came on the big screens in 2011 and managed to earn nearly $ 300 million. This amount seemed insufficient for the creators to begin shooting the sequel. However, the development of continue started.

“We began to develop a sequel six months after the release of the first movie. We realized that it should be done as soon as the film began to get nine on each test display. This is very rare, and we started thinking of ideas for the sequel, the Director said. — People want to see how the Atom still wins of Zeus (as in “rocky”, the first film robot champion was awarded the victory on points — ed.). I want to see how Atom can fight Zeus but don’t want to retell the story of Charlie and max, which is the main plot of the first film.”

Official announcements on the sequel to “real steel” has not yet been received.