Снимок Димы Билана вызвал бурную реакцию у фанатов
Fans pray for the health of the artist.

Dima Bilan

Photo: @bilanofficial (Instagram Dima Bilan)

Dima Bilan will celebrate the New year in a new way. The singer and mentor show “the Voice” decided to change in appearance. The actor shaved off has already become a “brand” beard. This act, he has caused rough discussion in a Network.

The fact is that, in the absence of vegetation on the face, Dima began to look even more painful than before. The social networks are once again discussing that the singer may hide from all serious illness… how else to explain that last year he lost about 20 pounds? “Hardly Bilan specially sitting on a diet — thinking fans. Most likely sick, but not recognized! Pray for him”

From this point of view, there are ardent opponents. There are fans who are excited about the transformation of Dima, they say, he began to look 10 years younger. “Hurrah, back to the old way. Class!” — are fans.

Earlier Bilan made a statement that he had back problems that caused him discomfort. However, this refutation has not stopped the speculation and rumors that in fact the actor was suffering not from a hernia. Recently, some sources in the press, even the “buried alive” Bilan. Appeared in the media reports of his “death”, which naturally caused resentment among the Dima.

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