Подробности свадьбы Пиппы Миддлтон

This weekend hosted the most awaited event of the year in the UK – the sister of Princess Kate, Pippa Middleton. 20 may 33-year-old bride said good-bye to girlhood, and married her fiancé financier James Matthews.

Подробности свадьбы Пиппы Миддлтон
Preparation for the event was very serious, and media coverage of every move and plan of the bride and groom, and this is not surprising – since the marriage of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Pippa became a member of the Royal family.
So, the wedding was held as planned, in a small but very ancient chapel of St. Mark, which was built in the XII (!) century. Guests began to arrive to it again in the morning, in particular, there was seen princes Harry and William, as well as kids the last Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Mom’s children and Katherine were for his sister, the most important guest at the wedding, she took a lot of trouble for the organization. Paparazzi managed to shoot the older sister of the bride, when she led the children to the Church. Kate with a cute smile and was irresistible in his flowing Board shade of powder.

One of the biggest intrigues became the dress of Pippa. More than half a year gossip and gossip of the Palace were discussing who’s sister Kate let us create the wedding dress. The secret was kept until the day of the wedding, when the bride went out to the guests in her lovely dress with a two-meter train, it became known that white masterpiece created by British fashion designer Giles deacon, the one in November last year, got home Pippa with large bags in their hands.
Children Kate played a role during the wedding ceremony – Prince George to wear a wedding ring newlyweds, and Charlotte bore flowers. Shortly before the wedding in an interview with the mother of the Prince and Princess admitted that going through the children behaved well..
After the wedding the couple and guests went into the tent. where they waited for tables. To avoid too much fuss Pippa and James decided to reduce the number of people invited to just 150. Traditional wedding bridesmaids and groomsmen was not. At the solemn part was invited exclusively to married couples or betrothed. Due to the principle of the invitation “no ring, no bring” (no rings come with no pairs) is the younger brother of the groom Spencer and Prince Harry did not take with him to the ceremony their loved ones.
The appearance of the wedding Megan was the intrigue of the day. After Markle had not appeared at the wedding there was a question – whether it will be at the Banquet at all. Insiders claim, then in the evening she appeared at the festival, however, no photo evidence of this was provided.
We congratulate Pippa and James on their marriage and wish them all the best!