The Deputy who attacked DJ Smash brought new criminal case

На депутата, напавшего на DJ Smash завели новое уголовное дело The lawyer of the musician has revealed details of the controversial case. Alexander Telepnev, attacked DJ Smash in Perm, a suspect in the Commission of another crime. If wine men will be proved, he faces criminal term.
На депутата, напавшего на DJ Smash завели новое уголовное дело

10 Feb 2018 popular musician DJ Smash got into a very bad situation. A man was beaten in his hometown of Perm, with the result that he had a broken jaw.

It turned out that Andrey Shirman, better known as DJ Smash, asked to be photographed after the concert, but the man refused. Then he was attacked by an unknown man, who was identified as the Deputy Alexander Telepnev. The musician took a beating and decided by all means to seek a judicial resolution of the conflict.

Now the relationship with the journalists left the attorney Shirman. He said that telepneva plan to have another investigation into the attack.

“It all happened in the same “House of culture”, which were my client, in January of this year. The police asked the young man and told me that chilling at the club with his girlfriend. She was approached by an unknown man, started to move and handsy. When the young man tried to stand up, he got a few punches in the face,” – said the lawyer Evgeny Vasev.
На депутата, напавшего на DJ Smash завели новое уголовное дело

According to the lawyer, they have witnesses who saw the attack. Moreover, the victim took a beating in the hospital. Then he chose not to contact the police, fearing harassment by Alexander telepneva. The fact that in Perm, a man is a fairly influential politician.

“Fear, pressure and physical violence from the telepneva the young man did not contact the police, but then wrote a statement to the police,” the lawyer said.

As a result, on June 9 Alexander telepneva was one more criminal case under article “Deliberate causing of a little harm to health from hooligan promptings”. If the policy proves guilt, he will face up to two years of imprisonment.

Recall that beating DJ Smash in Perm became a sensation. For the musician stood up not only his fans, but the stars. Andrew was supported by rapper TIMATI, Nastasya Samburski, Natalia Rudova, Gosha Kutsenko, the soloist SEREBRO Olga Seryabkina, and many others.

So, Nastasya Samburski dedicated incident Instagram post. She called immediately to resolve the situation.

“Boxers who use their skills for other purposes, and deputies in excess of his authority, this is our reality. How to deal with it? Probably need to stop to shoot civilians, stray dogs and to direct their attention to these creatures. Andrew, get well soon! Just think, this is due to the fact that the person refused to be photographed,” wrote then Samburski.

By the way, Telepnev, categorically denied the accusations. He claimed that is irrelevant to the beating of the artist.

Talking with CP, the lawyer of the musician did not explain when the court will take place. DJ Smash now completely restored to health. He continues to work and act to the delight of fans.