Заместитель Председателя Правительства РФ посетил завод «Лемакс»

During his official visit to Taganrog Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister, visited the plant of “lemax” for the production of gas equipment.

The visit took place on 19 January 2018. Arkady Dvorkovich got acquainted with all production stages, from laser cutting, welding and bending on modern systems and automated staining equipment. Also the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation showed the finished product.

Examined Arkady Dvorkovich and the new plant is “lemax”, which will produce steel panel radiators. Its opening took place on 1 March 2018. The new plant will contribute to the replacement of imported steel panel radiators in the domestic market. During the visit of Arkady Dvorkovich in the shops of this enterprise was carried out configuration and testing of production lines. In the first phase it is planned to produce 600 000 steel radiators a year.

During the tour, the General Director of ZAO TPO “lemax” M. Matusevich told the Chairman of the RF Government on the possibility of application of the products of the new enterprise, its advantages over foreign analogues. For example, the thickness of the metal walls of steel panel radiators is at least 1.2 mm that conforms to the standards. Answer the declared parameters and characteristics of the heat flow. While the imported radiators to be supplied to our country, are not subject to certification mandatory, their numbers are not controlled, and the thickness of the metal walls is not regulated. Often the characteristics of such products do not meet the stated and disappoint users.

Features steel panel radiators Lemax

Production company “lemaks” for many years enjoys high popularity, and steel panel radiators is no exception. This contributes to a proper combination of advanced production technologies, high quality materials and strict control at all stages. The enterprise is equipped with modern welding line of the Italian brand LEAS that specializiruetsya in the production of welding equipment. Most of the processes are automated and robotic, that allows to minimize the human factor, to ensure maximum dimensional accuracy and proper geometric proportions of the products. Among the advantages of steel panel radiators of “lemax” it should also be noted:

certified materials. This is cold rolled steel that is highly durable, can withstand mechanical and hydraulic impacts;

treatment epoxy-polyester powder with a pre-coating polyester compositions. This ensures the stability of the coating for flaking and cracking. The applied compositions different white color that does not yellow in the course of operation;

multipoint contact welding of medium – and high-frequency currents. This technology provides increased quality and reliability of the seams, together with the above factors ensures the durability of the equipment.

Panel radiators “lemax” is combined with the heating boilers, which are manufactured by the same company that allows you to build reliable, energy efficient heating system, designed for long-term work.