«Отступники» Мартина Скорсезе станут сериалом

Two-faced legal system once in his film showed Director Martin Scorsese. To tell about the “werewolves” in police circles filmmaker helped Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson and Leonardo DiCaprio.

“The departed” Scorsese was how high quality that in 2006, the film was awarded four Oscars, including the categories of Best film and Best Director.

Now the TV has decided to give new life to this picture, though not on the big screen and small.

“The departed” will become a series. Writer to create teleadapt has been found. The pilot episode of the new “the Departed” will be written by Jason Richman, behind which the TV series “Detroit 187” and the movie “Bangkok Dangerous”. Richman will also be the producer of the series along with Roy Lee, Graham king, Gianni Nunnari and Doug Davison, who worked on the original picture.

The story is not to say that radically different from the movie Martin.

In the series we see again a young police officer, tasked to infiltrate the Latino gang. In addition, this COP will have to confront are embedded in the system of law the agent of the mafia.

Start date work on the series is not called.


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