В Минобороны прояснили домыслы об авикатастрофе Ту-154 A special government Commission to investigate the tragic incident reported on the first results. At the moment we are decoding data from flight recorders recovered from the bottom of the Black sea. In addition, now active in assisting relatives of the victims, as well as an identification of the found bodies and fragments.

      В Минобороны прояснили домыслы об авикатастрофе Ту-154

      Today, December 29, held a press-conference on which has summed up the results of work of the governmental Commission on liquidation of consequences of the disaster Tu-154 and aid to the victims and families of the victims.

      Published the last words of the pilots of the Tu-154

      Representatives of the Ministry of emergency situations told reporters that the active phase of works is completed. During the rescue activities were discovered 19 bodies, more than 230 fragments of the victims, 13 major and nearly 2,000 small fragments of the plane. The Minister of transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Solovyov told that the liner was completely destroyed when hitting the water surface and the subsequent collision with the bottom of the Black sea. According to the Commission, the explosion on Board was not.

      “It is clear that prior to the crash was abnormal operation of the equipment. What had caused this, to figure out the experts, for which established a special technical Commission”, – said Solovyov.
      В Минобороны прояснили домыслы об авикатастрофе Ту-154

      However, the version of terrorist attack is not ruled out of the probable causes of the incident. Defense Ministry spokesman Sergei Bainetov noted that an unusual situation could occur due to mechanical impact, not only because of the explosion. The Commission has especially stressed that this scenario is not a major.

      “The priority version is not. In the beginning it was more than fifteen versions. The number of versions is narrowed after analysis of on-Board storage. There were somewhere less than half,” he reported to Lieutenant-General.

      Bainetov also said that the flight of the Tu-154 lasted a little over a minute and a contingency only about 10 seconds. The aircraft failed to gain altitude 250 meters and speed is in the range of 360-370 miles per hour.

      The son of the deceased Dr. Lisa: “I Love you, mom…”

      With regard to the qualification of the crew, it meets all the standards. Major-General Roman Volkov had plaque about 4 000 hours.

      Final conclusions about what happened to the victims of the crash of Tu-154, until done. First must result in a thorough investigation of the incident. At the moment there is the analysis of data from two flight recorders found in the Black sea. Earlier, journalists wrote about the third “black box”, which was destroyed, but Bainetov denied this information. To finish the investigation plan a month, roughly 30 of January. In addition, on the fore of the work on the identification of the bodies. This would be to use a genetic examination.

      According to Bainetov, Tu-154 are not going to decommission because they are proven and they regularly undergoing renovations. However, the flights of all aircraft Tu-154 is suspended until the end of the investigation.

      The conference also touched on the topic of assistance to the families of the victims. The head of the Federal service for labour and employment Vsevolod Vukolov said that the social insurance Fund will pay on Thursday. According to officials, compensation to the relatives of victims of the crash are not only monetary.

      “We don’t want to be confined to only the investigation of the tragedy, but also to take control of the fate of relatives and children who died in a plane crash. We formed a separate plan, try these questions to bring to the end,” said Vukolov.

      Now with relatives of victims psychologists. First Deputy health Minister Igor Kagramanyan said that all the ‘ relatives of deceased taken under special control – there is on duty “fast”.

      The Chairman of the Commission, Maxim Sokolov also said that he intends to discuss with the banks the credit of those on Board the aircraft. Earlier, Sberbank’s management made a decision to write off the debt of all those killed in a plane crash on December 25, reports TASS. General pain: friends and colleagues of the victims of the plane crash in Black sea