The debut of Andrei Mironov: the film “And if it’s love?” — 55 years!

Дебют Андрея Миронова: фильму «А если это любовь?» — 55 лет!
For the first time the actor has appeared on screen with student of the Shchukin school.

Andrey Mironov in a film “And if it’s love?”

Photo: still from the film

Picture of Julia Reisman “And if it’s love” was released 19
March 1962. This is a story about the first feeling which broke out between teenagers
Xenia (Zhanna Prokhorenko) and Boris (Igor Pushkarev). In school, learning about
children meet, sounded the alarm of teachers in their innocent relationship
found a violation of decency. One of his classmates guys, demagogue Peter
who doesn’t believe in love and sows discord among friends, played Andrei Mironov.
This film was his debut. He then studied on the 4th course Schukinskaya
school, where at that time, students were strictly forbidden to act in films
but he appear in the episode this picture is still allowed.

“Although the role was there I have very little, Julius Y.
immediately asked me to come up with my hero biography, recalled Andrew
A. on his first set of Reisman. — I plunged into the beautiful and very
serious atmosphere shots, which always accompanies the work of this
wonderful Director. The role of the text was small, and I tried to compensate
it’s in between filming: island, entertained, how could the whole group —
I tried my best. One after another of my jokes iuliy came
and quietly said, “an Artist in life should talk a lot less. Need something
to write for the stage and screen. Do not waste yourself in vain, for nothing!”.

By the way, this film debuted and Yevgeny Zharikov,
which soon Mironov starred in the Comedy “Three plus two” where future stars
national cinema was already the main role.