The death of radio host Arthur Bitov suspected the taxi driver, klofelinschica

В гибели радиоведущего Артура Битова заподозрили таксиста-клофелинщика In Moscow detained the criminal, hunted robbery. Vahan Karapetyan, in his spare time moonlighting as a driver, lulled unsuspecting passengers and stealing their documents and valuables. According to journalists, the number of victims men were Arthur Bits.
В гибели радиоведущего Артура Битова заподозрили таксиста-клофелинщика

In Moscow arrested a 29-year-old taxi driver, Vahan Karapetyan, has for several years wielded in the capital. On account of his nearly one hundred victims. The man offered passengers drinks, which are mixed into psychotropic drugs. After trusting the people lost consciousness, the driver robbed them.

During interrogation Karapetyan, pleaded guilty to the full extent. Against it criminal case. At the moment the man is in custody, it check on participation in variety of similar crimes. Law enforcement officers also find out who owns the property, found in the apartment of a taxi driver.

“In the investigation of cases investigators of SK of Russia has carried out searches at the place of residence of the accused, during which seized 18 mobile phones, 76 accessories, more than 40 items of jewellery made of precious metals and over 100 wrist watches, as well as 186 tablets potent psychotropic drugs,” according to the website GSWCC of Russia in Moscow.
В гибели радиоведущего Артура Битова заподозрили таксиста-клофелинщика

According to investigators, the actions of the President could have died at least one person. In some publications it is reported that we are talking about the man whose body was found in April of this year. According to some reports, the famous host Arthur Bits, speaker stations “Mayak-24” and RELAX FM. Earlier it was reported that the cause of his death was heart failure.

Popular radio host Arthur Bits died in Moscow

Bitov found dead on the streets of Moscow. At itself had no documents, so it is identified as unknown. The host family was looking for him for several days. They wrote a statement to the police and drew a psychic. According to correspondents, clairvoyant helped to trace Bitov, who was in the morgue. The experts found that he died as a result of poisoning with ethyl alcohol in combination with clozapine.

Journalists reported that Karapetyan confessed to poisoning Bitov. According to the taxi driver, he picked up the lead at the karaoke club on the Garden ring. In the cabin Vahan offered the passenger a bottle of water, which contained alcohol and potent drug. After Bits fell asleep Karapetyan bought ammonia. The man claims that he wanted to awaken his companion. Then Vahan dropped Arthur, before turning in an ambulance.

According to correspondents, the work of the taxi driver was a hobby Karapetyan. Basic income would bring him trade Shawarma, reports “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.