The death of loved ones, murder and failures in your personal life: 10 stars of KVN with a tragic fate

Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами With former and current players of KVN has become increasingly prevalent unhappiness. Sometimes their life ends suddenly, and sometimes the comedians have to bury loved ones. What it is — bad luck or a tragic accident?
Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

Many fans of KVN believe that the life of players is a lot of fun. One by one followed by successful performances, and in between comedians friendly company compose jokes. That’s just the reality is often too much different from the fantasies of the audience. In addition to the hard daily work faced by young actors, they have to put up with the blows of fate, which sometimes are too strong.

“StarHit” decided to recall the stand-up comedians, faced with these tragedies. Some of them ended too early, and others had to endure the sudden loss of loved ones.


Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

“In our family, death always walk side by side” — likes to say Svetlana Permyakova. To see this, it is sufficient to look at the biography of a 46-year-old actress.

It is unlikely that the parents of the little Lights, worked all his life at a milling plant, could assume that their daughter will become a star. But from the time of her participation in the KVN team “Parma” it was clear that Permiakov has a bright future.

However, in 1971 the birth of the future of umoristi at all was in question. Shortly before pregnancy mother actress lost her younger son, the boy died due to electrocution. Shocked and frightened, Valentina Iosifovna was thinking about abortion, but in the end she and her husband decided to give the baby a chance at life, she easily became a favorite in the family where three sons were born.

However, the death haunted Permjakovyh. At the age of 25 years old from heart disease, died the middle brother of Svetlana, but the eldest child in the family died about a penny from a 50-year anniversary. The last tragedy is a devastating blow for the mother of the stars — Valentina Iosifovna survived the eldest son only for a year.

“I was talking to my mom in the kitchen, asked her if she feared death, she replied: “No, I know who I will be there to meet”. She really missed his boys, sons,” shared memories Permyakov in the program “the Secret to a million.”
Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

The actress also plagued with failures, which are mainly about personal life. Eager to become a mother, she made a rash decision and married the art Director of one of the Moscow clubs Evgeny Bodrov. That’s just the man suffered from a serious mental disorder and was HIV-positive. According to the actress, her ex-husband abused illicit drugs, and one day in a fit of anger took a swing at her with a knife.

This marriage lasted only a month, and during the divorce proceedings, the former chosen one has repeatedly been a guest on popular talk shows, telling unpleasant facts from the life of Svetlana.

The price of happiness Svetlana Permyakova: loss of loved ones, abortion and a failed marriage

In 2014, Eugene passed away from AIDS, but Permyakov is still grateful to him. The fact that Borisov introduced the actress with her future lover Maxim Scriabin, with whom she had daughter Barbara.

Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

2014 was particularly difficult for the stars, because then she lost her father shortly before his death sent me to the boarding house for the elderly. According to the actress, her dad has already started dementia, he didn’t really understand where he was, but her daughter was out. “Dad by that time was bedridden, he wore diapers. When I arrived, I took him walking in the pram” – confessed celebrity.

Now Permyakova, it seems, has finally found long-awaited happiness near beloved man and daughter. Besides, Permyakova believes that someday she will meet again with loved ones.

Svetlana permjakova, “I answered him, I agree”


Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

For many years Daniyar Alimbaev was considered a real privilege. Humorist successfully played in the KVN team “Aktobe” and raised four children. At home in Kazakhstan, he was the star, but all the plans 32-year-old ambitious men for the future was cut short in one of the MiG – 21 July, he was stabbed in the street in the city of Aktau.

According to eyewitnesses, Daniyar was resting at the bar when he noticed a brawl on the street. Humorist himself did not take the fight, but was unable to avoid the fatal blow with a knife. And just a couple of days before the tragedy in Kazakhstan under similar circumstances killed 25-year-old skater Denis Ten. The identity of the two deaths and noted friends of alimbaeva.

“Daniyar stood in the way but he got. One of the offenders stabbed him in the leg, as well as a hit of Denis ten. He was taken to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save him. He lost a lot of blood,” said a friend of the deceased.
Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

Later, it became known that the police arrested the suspects in the murder, but before the completion of forensic examination their names were not disclosed.

Alimbaeva death was a shock to all friends and colleagues of the artist. According to them, the comedian had planned to continue to develop in a creative path, giving fans their brilliant jokes.


Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

KVN team “Irkutsk-350” showed decent results in competition between the funny and inventive. This success was the impetus for the band’s leader Egor been booked and his wife to move to Moscow.

After several months of hard work, the family of the comedian decided to go on holiday in Tuapse. Then nobody could assume, what a terrible tragedy end trip June 25, wife of Yegor Maria died under the wheels of the car of a local businessman Sergey Lebedev in front of her husband and eight month old daughter.

“My Masha is no more. June 25, she was gone. On a pedestrian crossing in Tuapse, in my eyes, she was hit by a car. I don’t believe this is really happening. With my daughter all right, she was in my arms. Take care of your family, appreciate every second. It could end at any moment,” wrote Yegor a few days after the tragedy.
Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

Then began to spread rumors that the culprit of the fatal accident escape punishment. Sergey Lebedev had connections in the local police, and later medical examination, despite the assurances of dozens of witnesses, showed that the driver’s blood was not found traces of alcohol.

Knowing that Lebedev can escape from justice, for been booked and his family stood many comedians, among them was Yekaterina Varnava, Marina Fedunkiv, Olga Bartunkova, Ivan Abramov, and many others.

Stars KVN demand to punish the drunk driver brought down to death the wife of a colleague

“The family of our colleague Yegor been booked in Tuapse, on June 25 of this year, were overtaken by misfortune. Under the wheels of a jeep of a local businessman killed his wife. It was a hit at the crosswalk right in front of him and his eight month old daughter. Mass of witnesses, including Yegor, I saw that the driver was drunk. But the results of examinations admitted that he was sober. It is likely that he will ever take responsibility or punishment will be minimal,” wrote Barnabas on Instagram.

Now Greg is resolute. He is ready to fight to the offender, deprived of his wife, daughter and mother, went to prison. Fans also support of been booked, hoping that someday he will recover from grief and return to creative activity.


Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

33-year-old Aslan Alborov has always been the soul of the company. He loved to joke, often became the author of comic sketches for the home team “Pyramid”, and fans predicted the artist is really gorgeous future.

However, the stage and the applause Alborova was expecting a major scandal surrounding his sudden suicide. The comedian took his own life on 4 July, what the social network said his close friend. A little later, the Director of the North Ossetian theatre KVN Exiled Pliev told the “StarHit” and details of the tragedy.

Became known the details of the suicide of a star of KVN

“Yes, it was suicide. We can not say anything. It happened today at 4 o’clock in the morning, any version, not even note the post-mortem was not found. The only thing I would like is to refrain from false versions. The man had everything was normal, work, work. He was married, recently married,” — said Pliev.
Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

Shortly before the suicide Aslan really married a girl named Fatima. According to friends, he felt fine and did not suffer from depression. Near the body Alborova never found a note, which caused even more questions about the details of the incident.

Later it turned out that the cheerful and resourceful presumably vacationing in the country, owned by the ex-Prosecutor Anatoly Dzidzoev. Journalists also managed to learn that shortly before his death, Aslan had a fight with the niece of the statesman, and then beat her and fled from the scene. After some time, the friends found the body of the artist.

At this point, in the case of death Alborova, there are still some white spots.


Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

In June 2016 Sergei Oborin felt like the happiest man on the planet. His team of KVN “Parapaparam” was gaining popularity, and the girlfriend agreed to marry the comedian married.

But now after a couple of months after the engagement to Sergey’s house came the trouble: his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. The disease developed rapidly, and the doctors did disappointing forecasts.

Star KVN looking for a job to save his beloved from cancer

“Next week, while Anya was examined, stretched in the painful waiting for the doctors said nothing, getting no results. Of course, we were not prepared for this at Ani stage four breast cancer with metastases in the brain. The doctor said that this is a peculiar – aggressive kind of the disease that lightning kills healthy cells in the body. And he frightened Anna the fact that she has 12 courses of chemotherapy, which she can’t have children. From the minute I shielded my girl from scary words “cancer”, “Oncology”, — told the “StarHit” Sergey in April last year.
Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

Soon the lovers went to tel Aviv, where Anna completed three courses of chemotherapy. It was after a long treatment in Moscow, and in order to save the chosen one, Oborin worked literally wear.

Despite all the efforts of Sergei, Anna died in mid-September 2017. The news shocked fans of the star couple and all the Members who believed in miracles.

After the death of lady Oborin rarely leaves the fans in touch. Now he continues to write jokes and scripts for friends, but he is on stage almost does not appear. Apparently, the wound in Sergei’s heart had not healed, but fans hope that someday the artist will be able to overcome the black stripe and get back to life.

Lost bride the star of KVN Sergey Oborin helps cancer patients


Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

The team captain of KVN “Children of Lieutenant Schmidt” was a real star. After several successful seasons in the “Club of cheerful and resourceful”, Grigory Malygin began acting in films, to speak at corporate events, while continuing to write new comic.

In private life the actor was not less fortunate: his beloved wife Victoria Malygina always waited at home, growing up the son of Arthur. The problems began in July 2012. Then unknown persons severely beat Gregory – comedian was seriously injured and began to undergo rehabilitation.

Huge demand in the profession made itself felt: things couldn’t wait, so Kvnschik did not attach much importance to rehabilitation procedures, and after a few weeks after the attack again began to speak.

Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

The tragedy occurred two months later. 21 Sep 2012 wife 42-year-old Gregory found him dead in their house. As it turned out, the comedian’s heart stopped, with the result that he fell and suffered a head injury.

Many friends Malygina linked his tragic death from the attack – say, didn’t recover, not keep. Later, there were rumors about alcohol addiction the actor, which his wife denied.

Buried star in his native city of Tomsk, where he started his brilliant career.


Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

Often death catches up with the stars of KVN suddenly, still in the Prime of life, when they are literally overflowing with ideas and creative plans. It happened with Andrei Galkinym.

Quite a long time the young man was a successful player of the national team of KVN of the Kuban state agrarian University. But he became famous later, when he took part in the show “Comedy battle”. Improvisation comedian impressed the jury, and ultimately the career of the artist took off.

Here only to enjoy the fame in full Andrew just did not – 11 APR 2018, he died suddenly of heart failure.

“On the night of 11 April, after refereeing the final game of KVN in Kubsau a talented leader and player of KVN, our graduate Andrei Zhmakin passed away due to heart failure. He was 24 years old. We Express our sincere condolences to his wife, daughters, family and friends. Bright memory to you, Andrew,” — said representatives of the Kuban agrarian University.
Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

The news was a complete surprise for fans, because Andrew never complained of feeling unwell. According to eyewitnesses, shortly before his death he was on the phone, and then just fell. Arrived at the ambulance to help the young comedian has failed.

Ili zhmakina have left four-year-old daughter Pelagia. Family life with the mother of the girl he has developed: the comedian has repeatedly noted that they were too young to get married. However, for the sake of a child in common ex-spouse has maintained a good relationship, and every time the artist spent with the heiress.


Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

Sometimes the circumstances of the death of a famous stand-up comedians are not only tragic, but also really mysterious. So, the death of Alexei Lyutikova, who became famous as a member of the team “Service entrance”, has raised many questions.

The body of the artist was discovered on August 10 in one of the hotels of Ekaterinburg. Quickly spread information about the murder of the cheerful and resourceful, who was at the time of death the post of Director of the team “Ural dumplings”. However, this information has not been confirmed.

Experts called the cause of death of the Director “the Ural pelmeni”

Themselves “Ural pelmeni” have long remained silent about what happened, but in the end, after all, published a post dedicated to Lotikovo.

“Alex went through difficult but interesting way of life. He was a successful captain of KVN team, and top Manager of large productions and talented Director in the field of television industry. Alex has done a lot for the project “the Ural Pelmeni”. He put in a show all his skill and experience, brought it to a new level, and thanks to his efforts, the project was able freely and independently to develop, got a second wind, a second life”, — said the representatives of the team, but says nothing about the causes of the tragedy.
Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

In the end, the forensic experts failed to determine the cause of death Lyutikova. According to some information, the man died due to dilated cardiomyopathy. Representatives of the Sverdlovsk police found near the body Lyutikova, a huge number of empty bottles of alcohol. The General Director of “Ural dumplings” not been out more than a week, and the doors all this time hung a sign “do Not disturb”.

When the comedian became ill, he collapsed on the table and cut herself about the glass glass. These wounds on the chest, some fans Lyutikova cited as the main argument about the violent death of the artist.

Anyway, the experts managed to establish that Alex died due to heart disease. The man had two children, and his spouse later admitted that his busy schedule and constant touring with “the Ural pelmeni” has undermined the health of the deceased husband.

“Ural pelmeni” found a replacement for the deceased Alexei Lutikova


Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

Armenian comedian mark Saghatelyan became a star back in 1992, when the team of KVN “Fermions” won the top League. Your success, the band repeated two years later, after which the comedian began working as a presenter and author of monologues for other artists.

In his native Armenia mark was not only a star but a highly respected person. He starred in the movie led to the transfer, and at the same time did not forget about humor. The first tragedy in life Saghatelyan occurred in June 2012 – the man got in a terrible car accident. Fractures of the pelvic bones, and the cervical and thoracic vertebrae the artist made to go to rehab in Germany.

Then it seemed that despite the seriousness of his injuries, mark was able to get out. He gradually began to get back to work, met with friends, but by the summer of 2013 feel artist suddenly plummeted. On 30 July he was hospitalized in critical condition. On the background of acute leukemia had bleeding in the brain, and even the introduction Saghatelyan in a state of artificial coma didn’t help. The comedian died a day later at the age of 41 years.

For many Members, who took the example of Mark, his death is a real blow. Thus, the ex-host of “Comedy Club” Tash Sarkisyan could not cope with the emotions in connection with the sad news.

“Mark, he’s older than us, was for our generation of Audi mentor, until that taught us how to hold the microphone. He was a very active participant in our lives. And indeed, I warmly remember it. Just six months ago was the anniversary of the Armenian League KVN, we saw him, and nothing foretold troubles. However, it usually happens that a person knows plans”, — said Sargsyan.
Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

In his native Armenia Mark Saghatelyan still remember, because his jokes serve as enduring legacy for posterity.


Смерть близких, убийства и неудачи в личной жизни: 10 звезд КВН с трагическими судьбами

Vladimir Duda was a true legend of KVN. In the late 80s – early 90s team of the Novosibirsk State University, whose captain was a humorist, was considered invincible. Team three times champion of the Higher League, and the fans still nostalgically remember jokes Vladimir.

Despite the phenomenal successes on the stage, Vladimir decided not to move to the capital. For many years he lived in his native Novosibirsk, engaged in the automation and development of complex mechanisms. Among fans, there were rumors that due to the lack of creative self-realization at Vladimir, then started bad habits, but evidence was never found. Duda rarely gave interviews, and on the star the past is not remembered, although once Yuli Gusman said that the humorist a bright future.

On the death of the cheerful and resourceful has become known on 16 January 2018. A few days before the death of 56-year-old Duda was in the hospital with a stroke and the doctors were unable to save him.

Despite the fact that the comedian’s early career on the stage, he managed to inspire many colleagues for creative accomplishments.