The death of Dmitry Marjanova came as a surprise to his doctors

Гибель Дмитрия Марьянова стала неожиданностью для его врачей The actor died last weekend. Numerous star friends Dmitry Marjanova could not believe his departure from life. The programme “Andrey Malakhov. Live” conducted its own investigation into the death of a man.
Гибель Дмитрия Марьянова стала неожиданностью для его врачей

Last Sunday died 47-year-old actor Dmitry Maryanov. The man died on the way to the hospital. The cause of death of the artist was detached thrombus which occlude the pulmonary artery. According to one, Mr was in the country with friends when he wasn’t feeling well. According to other information, Maryanov suffered from back pain and was undergoing treatment at the clinic. At the same time, sources in the investigation said that shortly before the tragic events of the star was allegedly observed in an addiction clinic.

Media reported about Maranova treatment for alcohol dependence before death

The confusing situation I tried to understand the programme “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Journalists conducted its own investigation into the death of the actor. In the program also gathered colleagues of Dmitry Maryanova.

Ekaterina Parfenova, partner Dmitry Marjanova picture “over the rainbow” came on TV from London. “I couldn’t come on this program and to honor his memory. We have a child for two… even Though he left, he stayed with us through this film. Forever,” said the actress, barely holding back tears.

Гибель Дмитрия Марьянова стала неожиданностью для его врачей

According to journalists, his last days Dmitry Maryanov spent the two-storey wooden house. According to some reports, this room is a narcological clinic.

Alexander Domogarov admitted shock at the death of a colleague. “It seems that I have pulled the ground from under his feet. I can’t believe it. I don’t want to talk about what you’re saying… I don’t think Dmitry was not good friends who would not be able to move him into a closed classroom to the clinic, not in this house in Marfino”, – he spoke.

Гибель Дмитрия Марьянова стала неожиданностью для его врачей

According to Mikhail politseymako, Maryanov was a very private person. “For 15 years we have traveled all over the country… Dima is much did not say, first of all, it concerned his health. He had a stomach ulcer, but we learned about it only after he coped with it. He never loaded friends with your problems… what happened, I understand that it’s all interesting… But you know, Dima no more,” says the man.

TV presenter Yevgeny Voskoboynikov, about ten years old, a friend of the actor admitted that he is very upset about the incident. “For me, he is always young, beautiful, always in good spirits. I still can’t believe it, because for me it has always been like a rainbow,” said the woman.

Brother of a famous actor Mikhail Maryanov said by telephone that the tragedy happened very quickly. According to him, shortly before his death, Dmitry complained of back pain. Close, according to Michael, decided to take him for treatment at the clinic.

“Staff, I understand, called an ambulance. Seeing that will not wait, decided to go himself because he’s thrown a clot. The pathologist said that it was a matter of time… All went for seconds, for minutes. It happened very quickly. A few months ago he got the leg, he put the filter, he drank the diluting means. We went to the hospital, to the morgue, I myself became ill. I just woke up and went to his home”, – said a close relative of the artist.
Гибель Дмитрия Марьянова стала неожиданностью для его врачей

Lyubov Tolkalina admitted that heartbroken. The actress played along with Vladimir Marjanovi in one performance, they had scheduled a tour. “Dima was lying in the hospital, it was suspected that he had a blood clot, examined him. It was sudden,” she said. The actress tries to maintain the widow Maranova Xenia.

The daughter of Dmitry Marjanova had a premonition of his death

Гибель Дмитрия Марьянова стала неожиданностью для его врачей“The night I spent with her, I just wanted to be with her. We talked about Dima… Last summer he had a blood clot, he was hospitalized. We are all very worried, he was instructed to drink a special medicine…. Apparently, something happened. He felt ill last week,” he told the star.

Tolkalina admired the idyll that characterized relations Dmitry Marjanova and his wife Xenia. The actress said that her colleague was a very cheerful person. “I can’t understand how this could happen,” said Love. According to Tolkalina, the widow of the artist reproaches himself because that took him from the hospital.

“All mystery, as it happened. When I was leaving from Xenia, she said to me: “Doctors do not know how this could have happened because it was completely under control.” The last message he wrote Ksenia: “I’m very hurt,” said the actress. She wanted to pick him up from the hospital. Yesterday I sat and berated myself: “Why didn’t I take it? I felt that I should go after him.” All the days that he was in the hospital, she wrote him messages… You should have seen them… These relationships do not have the right to die. They loved each other.”
Гибель Дмитрия Марьянова стала неожиданностью для его врачей

Actress Irina Bezrukov has informed that visited the shootings of the show out of respect for Marianowo. “We are gathered here to say: “son we miss you”. Every coin has two sides. Actor, he is a soldier. Dimka was a soldier. He just went on stage, ran away from the hospital. We know, remember and love. I’m sure everyone will understand. Not to hurt innocent people. We need to support loved ones. Let’s applaud him. Is a fighter, a soldier and our friend,” shared the star.

Ekaterina Parfenova decided to publicly call on the widow of the famous actor. The woman said that all colleagues support his family.

“I can’t imagine what it’s like to be a mother of six children and losing her husband, father of her daughter. I would like to give her [Xenia] our prayers, we feel her pain and send her all our love and support,” said Parfenov.