Гибель принцессы Дианы: прошел 21 год
Facts and versions that do not explain anything.

Гибель принцессы Дианы: прошел 21 год

Princess Diana, 1995


On 31 August 1997, exactly
21 years ago died Princess Diana.

When Diana did not, her sons
were still teenagers. William turned then 15, and his younger brother Harry
13. However, during his recent visit to one of the British hospitals
Prince William admitted: although since the death of his mother, Princess Diana passed
for so long, not a day passes that he remembered and yearned
on it. His brother Harry also admits the pain from the death of her mother still strong…

Many who had the road
Diana and were able to come to terms with her departure is too sudden tragedy ended
her life. And, most surprisingly, still there are people who
refuse to believe in coincidence of her death. And someone is sure Diana is still alive!

About the fact that
really happened in the Alma tunnel, build the most insane
theory. And I must admit that they arise not entirely out of nowhere. Because a lot of
the fact that he became aware of the tragedy, and in fact looks very strange.

Here are the most inexplicable facts relating to this story.

Diana was taken to
the hospital only an hour and a half after the accident

First and foremost, supporters
conspiracy theories, which they believe killed Diana,
refuse to believe that for the salvation of the Princess was done really everything. That in the tunnel Pont de l’alma crashed car, crashed into the 13th
account support, became known in 12 hours 26 minutes. And the hospital Pitie-Salpetriere
we just got it in 2 hours 6 minutes. But the Princess 3.5 hours after the accident
was alive, and more efficient medical care, it is quite possible,
could have been saved.

Doctors was justified by the fact,
they much interfered with. To begin with, to extract from the unfortunate Diana
the machine took half an hour. And it’s very strange, considering the fact that
she and her boyfriend were sitting in the back seat, and the rear part of the machine
suffered least. Further, the transportation itself took a lot incongruous
time. First of all, the fact that, according to doctors, a few(!)
hospitals located hospital much closer, supposedly was not needed
equipment. In addition, the ambulance drove very slowly for two reasons:
first, due to congestion, and secondly because one of the doctors decided that
fast driving can hurt the wounded!

Hard to believe that the current
as a result, a delay that perhaps cost the life of Diana,
was accidental. Besides, medical aircraft did not come yesterday, and when
it is such VIPs as Princess, it would be logical to expect that
will be called a helicopter, which took her to the hospital in a few minutes. However
this did not happen.

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