Смерть любимого и борьба с опухолью: Ольга Погодина рассказала о тяжелых испытаниях Olga Pogodina for four years happily married to film Director Alexei pimanovym. According to the actress, before meeting with her husband she had no luck in life. The boy she was in love with 20 years old, died. And later she had to overcome a terrible disease — a bone tumor.
Смерть любимого и борьба с опухолью: Ольга Погодина рассказала о тяжелых испытаниях

Olga Pogodin is rightly called one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Russian cinema. Doll face and languid eyes — she literally bat your long eyelashes are able to conquer anyone. But the outward nonchalance, seemingly caressed by the fate of the actress hiding big losses.

In the program “the Destiny of man” with the YouTube Korchevnikov on the TV channel “Russia 1” Olga admitted that in private life her for a long time suffered failure. For the first time the artist fell in love when she was only twenty years old. Beautiful courtship and touching recognition — it literally dissolved in your favorite, until one day they are not separated by death. Talk about a terrible tragedy that claimed the life of her lover, 41-year-old TV star can’t so far.

With an equally heavy heart, says Olga, and his life in Bulgaria. In the ‘ 90s father of the actress framed by business partners. Fearing for the life of his daughter, the man sent her abroad. There Pogodin worked on local television, and all earned money was sent to the Pope, so he could pay off debts.

The actress also noted that she spent a lot of time in hospitals and grew up a weak child. In adulthood, the doctors diagnosed her osteoma — bone tumor, because of which she could lose that hand.

“I washed my hands, suddenly felt a sharp pain in one, as if broken. Then the hand began to swell. To run disease is difficult because the joint is destroyed before our eyes, requires a complex operation, then a heavy recovery period. I worked for a year, had a cast from shoulder to wrist. With him hard to play. I never ask: “Why me?” I ask the question: “For what,” says Pogodin.

The artist was able to defeat this terrible disease, continuing to successfully star in a movie. And only in 2007 Pogodin was first married. Her husband was a businessman Igor, who for 12 years was older than the actress. Olga fondly remembers her ex husband, calling him a “Holy man”. But, according to star, their paths quickly diverged.

But real happiness, as an actress, she gained with a leading and well-known film Director Alexei pimanovym. Lovers do not advertise for a long time relationship and humble were married four years ago, of witnesses.

When the public found out about their marriage, many have accused Olga that she took of my host family, however, the actress said: by the time her acquaintance with Alex, he had already decided to divorce second wife.

With the Director and the actress met at the audition in his new film “Three days in Odessa”. But to call a love at first sight, their relationship is hardly possible — Pimanov just approved Olga from the twentieth time.

“Probably, subconsciously, during all the communication there was a feeling that this man is mine. And then all the feelings are drawn into action, in consciousness. It all happened in a specific moment, when we both got divorced. Understand that love. And then we sat down and talked for many, many years, we just talked about life. We always had the same feeling some things, we came to the registry office, as friends, and left husband and wife. Alex is very reliable, kind and, many believe, is a very funny man,” shared Olga.

Despite the fact that the star couple have no children, Olga was able to make friends with the older heirs of Alex from two previous marriages. Tom, Denis and Daria loved in a famous stepmother, and often turn to her for advice.