День, когда ушла легенда: правила жизни Владимира Зельдина “StarHit” recalled the most poignant statements of the actor. Today the country says goodbye to the artist whose name is known to everyone. Vladimir Zeldin has lived a long and wonderful life and until recently looked to the future with optimism.

      День, когда ушла легенда: правила жизни Владимира Зельдина

      Tragic news came this morning on 102-m to year of life died actor Vladimir Zeldin. Without exaggeration, this is a man-legend, man-age, man is a myth. Until recently, Zeldin has performed on stage, played in the theater and amazed all with his boundless energy. Died Vladimir Zeldin

      The correspondent of the “StarHit” communicated with Selinam a few years ago in St. Petersburg during a concert dedicated to the anniversary of Vladimir Vysotsky. This conversation was fascinating. Speaking about his life and remembering the past where it was a place of war and heavy losses and severe trials, Zeldin stressed that he always tried to be optimistic to see into the future. The most vivid and poignant expressions of the artist uttered them in conversation with Mikhail Sadchikov in our collection.

      “I am often asked: “what is the secret of your longevity?” I don’t know what to say to that, because no special “techniques from the health Zeldin,” I have no. I have a heart attack and was (Zeldin at that time was 80 years. – Approx. “StarHit”), after which the doctors told me that I need to reduce the load. I went back to normal, but about active sports and dancing had to forget, now only long walks”.

      “The yellow press is not particularly interested in my life, because I have never been seen in the night carousing, orgies, booze and other dark things. Ask why – just didn’t feel right, although I really admired the weaker sex! In General, I love women and believe that men should always be the state of love. But most of all I appreciate my wife Yvette is the most expensive gift that gave me life.”
      День, когда ушла легенда: правила жизни Владимира Зельдина

      You try for many decades to come on stage every day will quickly come back to normal. Used to think I couldn’t live without a scene – homesick, worried. Even afraid to imagine how would be in this situation behaved my body right after I say: “Stage – treats”. And so, even when I went into advanced age, my body continued to live as always in a state of “combat readiness of the creative”. The realization that I can’t let people down, to relax, to give up, kept me on my toes, because I have partners on stage, the audience…

      “I am already entangled in these anniversaries: 80, 90, 100…

      …Because these are the dates when the celebrant do sympathize with. I’m more warm to the idea that in this old age I still serve in my home theater that I still get invited to performances and rely on an actor like me!”

      “Modern actors can allocate Dima Pevtsov, Sergey Bezrukov…

      …Together we went on tour. They’re for my boys, who with glowing eyes listening to my story and surprised that I was a witness of what they read in the history books!”

      День, когда ушла легенда: правила жизни Владимира Зельдина“About WWII is always hard to remember…

      …It was a difficult time – I worked in the acting of the brigade, was often at the forefront. It is not accepted to talk about death, because many soldiers don’t know that I live till morning – I had to give people a holiday and a sense of fun. Now I understand that to be in Moscow were much more dangerous than on the front. But even in those terrible days we are not discouraged, continued to work, and at night I took a huge iron tongs, and was on duty on the roof of his house, extinguished incendiary bombs that the Germans dropped on the city. When the war ended, the most favorite holiday for me was the Day of Victory.”

      “It is believed that the age people are jealous of the young…

      …But I always thought that you have to live so that young jealous of you, how you lived, how many seen, how many have experienced… and the feeling of envy I do not typical”.

      “One of my favorite phrases said my favorite character don Quixote: “The worst madness is to see life for what it is, forgetting what it should be.”

      …Understand that life is not given to conflicts, wars and quarrels, and in order to create, to do good, to be compassionate, to understand and accept the pain of another person as your own. People with such largely romantic approach to life, really happy.”

      In addition to questions about age, the journalists often ask me, “what is happiness?”

      …I talked a lot on this subject, and I think it’s the feeling of life in all its diversity, diversity. And happiness in life what you have the ability to give another person a piece of kindness, to see him smile.”

      “The important thing longevity – absence of harmful habits. My family never drank alcohol, and I – too. When you think about it, I think of people who ruined this addiction – they needed the alcohol as an additional incentive or as discharge after heavy performances. I think that a sober lifestyle helps me stay on stage for so long. And do not forget about physical activity: sports, physical education, movement and dance. At the time, I was fond of horseback riding, water skiing, working at the Barre in ballet class, but not smoked, drank. They say: movement is life, and I with pleasure will subscribe”.