The day: dzhanabaeva posing in the arms.

Снимок дня: Джанабаева позирует на руках у Меладзе
The singer surprised liberated photo.

Снимок дня: Джанабаева позирует на руках у Меладзе

Albina dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze

Photo: @albinadzhanabaeva Instagram

Despite the fact that Albina dzhanabaeva and Valery Meladze have long been bound together, the couple prefer to hide family life. They very rarely go out as a couple. And even more rarely, the singer shares a joint with her husband photos in social networks. However, on the eve of the 38-year-old Albina still has pleased fans with rare the with Valery.

In her microblog appeared frame made in celebration of the 13th anniversary of the production center, owned by the brothers Meladze. The party was held in one of capital restaurants, but in a quite home setting. The couple were sealed together in the aprons on the background of preparations for dishes. Apparently, the birthday party was held in the format of a master class in cooking. While the Network was published another photo, where Albina is posing at the hands of Valeria. Group photo with all wards the production center has caused a strong reaction of the fans.


“How pretty you are! The best couple! I wish you happiness!”, “It is evident that two loving hearts!”, “Yes, it’s time to openly declare ourselves as a single whole!”, “Cute… such great Love!” — posted by Albina and Valery. Meladze, by the way, these comments can not read, so as not fundamentally turns pages in social networks, as many times said in an interview.

Recall that the Meladze and Dzhanabaeva growing up the sons of Constantine and Onions. The singer says that the boys did not like each other. Valery brings them to the rigors and allows them the least indulgence. The eldest son had expressed abilities to the exact Sciences.