The daughter takes the example Vitorgan Sobchak

Дочь Виторгана берет пример с Собчак Many children of celebrities is difficult to accept the new wife of his father. The daughter of Maxim Vitorgan Pauline admitted that she did not have any problems in communication with Ksenia Sobchak, who became the wife of her father in 2013.

      Дочь Виторгана берет пример с Собчак

      20-year-old daughter Maxim Vitorgan Paulina went in his father’s footsteps and became an actress. She finished her studies at GITIS, and also had an internship at the American film Academy New York Film Acаdemy. Dad and Pauline have a trusting and warm relationship. Everything else, she found a common language with her stepmother, Ksenia Sobchak.

      According to Pauline, she sees that they with the presenter something similar. New girl respects her father and follows her example. “I am nice to her, she is very smart and interesting. And likes to work what she can learn,” – said Polina Vitorgan. However, the daughter of Maxim believes that many traits borrowed and the Pope. The girl always knows in advance the reaction of the father in a particular situation.

      Дочь Виторгана берет пример с Собчак

      Maksim Vitorgan is proud of his daughter. Artist from time to time shows to subscribers microblog, which projects removed its successor. By the way, for the 19-year-old girl her acting career began very successfully. Polina has played in the film Valeria Gai Germanicus, which was her father. Also, she is known for his roles in the TV series “May tape”, “Diary of Dr. Zaitseva”. A year ago, the daughter of Vitorgan debuted at the film festival “Movement”, which took place in Omsk. Star dad proud of the success of the successor. Then he wrote on his page in the social network: “Survived! With a guest of the festival, a participant of the ceremony of opening and closing, as well as programmes for short films and pilot episodes of TV shows, his own flesh and blood”.

      The actor’s daughter Polina thinks, that for her the important thing is not the number of subscribers in social networks and the popularity at the moment. “I want to say that I never sought and will be unlikely to aim to overtake the Pope in popularity. Between us there is no competition. Right now, my main goal is to study and work, and where will this lead – time will show”, – said Pauline in an interview with Hello.

      Recall that from the civil his wife Victoria Weerberg Maxim still growing son Daniel. Unlike sister the boy is not going to do acting. However, according to the actor, his son is still quite creative.

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