Дочь Юлии Волковой усомнилась в родстве с ней The girl has an amazing resemblance to Valeria Valeriya Gai. The photographs really difficult to know whose child it is. Fans are actively discussing the joke about the switch in babyhood.

The singer Julia Volkova and the Creator of many controversial films Valeria Gai germanica was found on one of the charity events in Moscow. Girls did not come alone, but brought along their children. As it turned out, 12-year-old daughter of the singer Victoria has an amazing resemblance to the Director. The girl is so much like Valeria, that even she began to doubt who her mom is. The famous singer and Director with humor reacted to this story and posted event photos to their microblogging.

“Sensation! Yulia Volkova’s daughter from Valeria Gai Germanicus! How else to explain that she’s my copy?” – wrote in his microblog Director.

Fans immediately commented on the incredible news: “Yes, your daughter! I’m your real daughter.”, “That means we need a film where she is you as a child will play!” – wrote under a photo fans of Valerie.

Julia Volkova also posted a photo to his Instagram with the caption “How so? Who is the mother?” Followers of the singer began to actively discuss the: “And I have several years of scratching their heads and trying to figure out who reminds me of Vika! Finally the day has come!”, “I just recently saw the daughter of Julia and marveled at how much she looks like Valeria Gai Germanicus was…, Julia and Valeria have a girlfriend. This is the same!”, “As if children were switched at birth!”

Celebrities have long been friends and often visited together various events in Moscow. Both young women are not only creative people, but twice and mom. The ex-solistki group t.A.T.u Yulia Volkova in addition to her daughter Victoria, a son, Samir, who is now nine years old. The singer is trying to keep their offspring away from prying eyes and rarely shares their images, so each new picture of your kids becomes a real discovery for her fans.

Director and screenwriter Valeria Gai Germanicus also has two children: nine-year-old daughter Octavia and Severin, who recently turned a year old.