The daughter of Yulia Savicheva learned to speak

Дочь Юлии Савичевой научилась говорить Good news shared the singer in a live program “Hello, Andrew!” on the channel “Russia 1” devoted to may day. The actress was congratulated by colleagues and friends.
Дочь Юлии Савичевой научилась говорить

Julia Savicheva became a mother on July 14, 2017. The singer gave birth to daughter Anna in marriage with the musician Alexander by Arshinova. The actress has long kept secret its interesting position and still not showing the baby. But just nine months after the birth of first child, the 31-year-old Julia is already active. So, it has become one of a special edition of the program “Hello, Andrew!” on the channel Russia 1, which was dedicated to may day. Live pop stars, film and television remembered how celebrated may 1 before, and what do you do in the day now.

Julia said that for her the first of may of this year will be remembered forever, because today is her daughter Anya for the first time said the word “mother”.

“I have a double celebration. Today my Anna, nine months, said the word “mother,” said Julia Savicheva.

However, not every holiday may day was for Yulia Savicheva a good one like this. The singer remembered the case from his youth. Once, when she was 12 years old, amazing, along with his parents was taken to the police. Law enforcement officials wanted to stop the unauthorized concert.

Дочь Юлии Савичевой научилась говорить“I was 12 or 13, my parents went, as is customary, on the kebabs. In large companies I loved to sing. And here I sing the songs of Celine Dion, Toni Braxton – the guests clap, and neighbors, walking past, stop at a fence. After some time a crowd had gathered. And then was approached by mounted police with a question: “what are we doing here?!”. Without waiting for an answer, and we all were taken to the office for a long time and tortured my parents, not if they make your child, that is me singing… I had to prove to the police that I acted according to your wishes and completely free” – said Yulia Savicheva.
Дочь Юлии Савичевой научилась говорить

The pupil of the production center Maxim Fadeev singer Julia Savicheva married her long-time friend of the composer Alexander Arshinova in the fall of 2014. The actress admitted as happily married, although their relationship is trying not to advertise.