The daughter of Yulia Baranovskaya became the winner of prestigious competition

Дочка Юлии Барановской стала победительницей престижного конкурса
Yana Arshavin with his team from the “death spiral” won first place in dance festival in Sochi.


Photo: press service of the artists

Yulia Baranovskaya has repeatedly said that her children — enough
sports. Apparently, the genes of the father of the famous football player had a reason. But
while none of guys passionate about football. The eldest son Artem deals
“The fidgets” and beat out there on the leading position. But Yana makes first victory in the dance
field. At its first choreographic competition, which was held in Sochi, the girl together with the team “Todes”
took the first place. “I constantly
something is rehearsing at home, and when showing their videos, I don’t believe that
is capable of my daughter,” says Baranovskaya.

By the way, the youngest of Arshavina, Senya, too, delivers all the signs
good athlete. “I’m 99 percent sure that he will either hockey,
or in football. The character of Arseny harsh for the player, he will be missed
red cards without end, says Baranovskaya. And in hockey, you can at least on the side of the enemy
to apply and remove for two minutes. But how much the son will eventually decide, and that
choose — view. Maybe football, with the ball he now does not leave. In
unlike Artem, who from birth did not perceive this
the subject, though in his eyes the father constantly balls stuffed”.