The daughter of TV presenter Marina Kim made his stage debut

Дочь телеведущей Марины Ким дебютировала на сцене A celebrity spoke about the talents of the child. Recently the girl went to the kindergarten, where teachers develop creative abilities of the kids. Preschool is located near metro Kurskaya in Moscow.

In early September, the eldest daughter of the host of “Good morning” by Marina Kim-briana went to a private kindergarten. The choice of institutions Kim came up thoroughly. For Marina it was important that teachers develop the child’s mental and creative abilities from childhood.

“Kindergarten I was looking for a few months – says “StarHit” leading. In the end the choice stopped on this preschool. I liked it that he was close to home. I daughters live not far from the subway station Kurskaya. Now every morning the girls go there on foot. I still have a special wheelchair with footrest. When Darin put there, briana is getting on this approach. It turns out that the younger sister carries the older to kindergarten. It’s a pretty funny picture, but the girls like it! When I gave brianna to daycare was worried about the sores that she can pick up. Of course, the kids have been ill since childhood, but somehow the house does not want to sit.

Now just treated some sort of virus, the temperature jumped to 39! But we do not lose heart. And so, briana pretty pin up girl, she is from the first day found a common language with the kids. She went to kindergarten in Miami, so quickly got acquainted with the new guys. She already has her best friend name is Glasha. Both love to play in doll Baby born”.

In the three years Brian has already shown the acting ability. The girl constantly involved in kindergarten activities.

“My daughter recently played the granddaughter in the play “the Turnip,” continues Marina. Scene she’s not afraid, because the house loves to arrange some performances. Run to my room with the words: “Come on you daughter, and I your mother?”. Well, how can she refuse? Kindergarten we have a cool. Guys are constantly under adult supervision. The teachers accompany them on a walk, then lunch. Since many children are involved. For example, put the correct diction, teach English, rehearsing a variety of songs. There’s a pool and dancing! She is a fashionista, loves kids to show their shiny shoes! We go in groups, where children talk mostly in Russian!”