Дочка Тома Круза впервые рассказала о своих отношениях с родителями

Vulgar in the autumn it became known that the adopted daughter of Tom cruise and Nicole we throw, Bella, got married. 23-year-old girl married with her lover, however, did it in front of only your friends. Foster parents to the wedding Bella is not invited, and later, arguing that did not want to involve the triumph of excessive media attention.

Then the media started saying that despite all the benefits that Nicole and Tom did for Bella, she showed his ugly side and broke off relations with stellar parents. The other day Bella commented on that at the moment it connects with mum Nicole and dad Tom.

Bella Cruz denied the rumors about the breakup of their relationship with the foster father and mother, calling the issue “utter nonsense” and called on people not to believe such insinuations.

“Of course I talk to them, because they’re my parents!”, — she said to journalists.

It should be said that after the divorce of cruise and Kidman, relations in the former family, is very cold. Nicole could not find time to meet with foster children and communicated with them only by phone and then, only then, when Tom allowed her to do it.

The fact that Cruz has also been a bit strange and forbade Bella and her brother Connor to communicate with Kidman because of Scientology.

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