Дочь Тихановича открыла правду о его смертельной болезни The successor of the famous musician told me that her parent was diagnosed. The family of the artist knew that to cope with the disease will not work, so in recent years relatives of Tikhanovich tried to support him and to provide the necessary assistance. He stayed on stage and didn’t plan to leave her.

      Дочь Тихановича открыла правду о его смертельной болезни

      28 Jan Anastasia Tikhanovich shocked his fans a message about his father’s death. The man died at the age of 64 years. For many people this news was a complete surprise, because it seemed to them that the contractor is full of vitality. As it turned out, Alexander Tikhanovich for several years lived with a terrible diagnosis. His successor said that the Pope was observed autoimmune lung disease – idiopathic fibrosing alveolitis.

      Died a famous singer Alexander Tikhanovich

      Former soloist of the ENSEMBLE “Veras” were carefully concealed from the public health problems. He didn’t want to bring undue attention, so he acted as if nothing happened. For a long time he struggled with illness. With this diagnosis, patients live four years, however, Tikhanovich was possible to postpone this deadline to seven years. Of course, some familiar men noticed that he lost a lot of weight. This was one of the manifestations of alveolitis.

      “Radical treatment to date does not exist, it can only slow down, what we have been doing all this time. A year ago he suffered a degradation, and it too long was in the hospital. We did everything possible, he went for treatment to Germany. Unfortunately, it is a disease to be cured is impossible”, – sadly noted Anastasia.

      Anastasia remembered her father until the last continued to lead an active lifestyle, to perform on stage and interact with fans. He knew that soon he would have to say goodbye to family and to retire. Of course, close musician was extremely difficult to accept this fact, but they tried not to look to Tikhanovich not felt the pressure.

      “We thank everyone who throughout his amazing life’s journey was near. Thank you to everyone who prayed and supported him in the last and very simple. I know he would have asked to thank all of you for your love that was mutual. Man-love, my closest, best, most beloved. My dad. Pray about it to his way to God, he sought and found, ended the happy meeting”, – with these words addressed to Anastasia subscribers in the social network.

      Дочь Тихановича открыла правду о его смертельной болезни

      His last show, the man gave on the eve of old New year. On 14 January he was hospitalized. It was clear that he had done all that was in his power. The daughter of Tikhanovich argues that even those two weeks that her dad was in the hospital, he was trying to smile and hold on bravely, no matter what.

      People’s artist of Belarus was familiar to many representatives of Russian show-business. They loved him and always treated with respect by the creativity of the musician. Anastasia had already warned on Twitter that the funeral Liturgy will start early in the morning of 30 January in the Church of Alexander Nevsky, and after her funeral. Fans will be able to say goodbye to their idol at the national Philharmonic.