Дочь Марата Башарова с нетерпением ждет рождения брата 11-year-old Amelie dreams that will be surrounded by boys. Beloved Marat Basharova waiting for her son. The actor is glad that his fiancee was able to make friends with his ex-wife and child.

      Дочь Марата Башарова с нетерпением ждет рождения брата

      The news that popular actor and TV presenter Marat Basharov preparing to become a father, he amazed all his fans. Not so long ago he brought a new lady, Elizabeth Shevarkov, in her apartment, and now it became known that she will soon give birth to a son Marat. Recall that the actor already has a successor from Elizabeth Crocko. Now daughter Amelie for 11 years, and she is looking forward to the birth of a younger brother.

      Marat Basharov and his fiancee are ready to become parents

      “Amelie is happy that she has a brother. Second: one on mother’s side, and now will be on the lines of the Pope. And she has fantasies about how great it would be: she, the adult, and next – brothers, one of whom is just a baby…” – said Basharov.

      It is worth saying that the girl is familiar with the new beloved Pope. They were able to find common ground and get along well. Moreover, Elizabeth and communicates with the girl’s mother. Together they vacationed in the winter in Switzerland. And this is not the first joint trip new passion of the actor with his first family. Last summer they went on a trip to Turkey.

      Recall that with the current sweetheart Elizabeth Marat met in the social network. The girl took the initiative and wrote to the actor that dreams of a date with him. In response to the message Basharov called the girl on the show, where they were able to communicate. But soon the correspondence on Facebook stopped, and Lisa continued to follow the life of an idol.

      After scandalous divorce with Catherine Ancharovoj, when it was revealed that popular actor and TV presenter beat his wife, Elizabeth again decided to try his luck. This time fate smiled on her – Marat invited her to Prague. After traveling the lovers realized that they were perfect for each other, and therefore decided not to leave.

      Marat is happy that now in his house there was a hostess and I am glad that among its former beloved no conflicts, and his house open for his favorite. “It is always crowded: come friends, come my ex-wife with child, with her husband. Elizabeth. We are family friends. Daughter week living with me, week with mom. We immediately decided not to. And now the house has the perfect hostess, we are expecting”, – said Marat in an interview with Hello!

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