The daughter of Steven Spielberg refused to follow in his footsteps

Дочь Стивена Спилберга отказалась идти по его стопам

In the film industry is no surprise that many issues are resolved through connections, not talent. Caring and loving parents who managed to get on kinoepopee some heights, trying to make his child no less a star and pull some strings to they got it.

19-year-old daughter of Steven Spielberg – destry Allyn refused to fulfill your potential that way. The girl did not consider it necessary to continue his father’s business and found himself in a different field.

Дочь Стивена Спилберга отказалась идти по его стопам

Destry believes that her calling is modeling. At promoting itself in this area now Ellin will spend all of their time, because the days she signed a contract with a modeling Agency DT Model Management and has shared his first professional photo shoot.

Note that to start a career as a professional model, destri already a little late. However, the daughter of Spielberg believes in himself, his natural charm and ability to achieve goals.