The daughter of Steve Irwin has denied the rumors about the relationship between the mother and Russell Crowe

Дочь Стива Ирвинга опровергла слухи об отношениях матери и Рассела Кроу

Bindi Irwin, daughter of famous “crocodile hunter” Steve Irwin, who died ten years ago, has denied rumors that her mate is engaged to Russell Crowe, a longtime friend of the family, and is about to become his wife. Similar information appeared in the media at the end of last year. The news about the affair Terry and Russell came as a surprise not only for fans of the family of Ellingov, but also for its members. While Terry remains silent, Bindi decided to take the floor.

“There are a lot of crazy rumors. You know, we really love Russell, he’s a good friend, but my mom is not going to marry him, they’re not even in love. My dad was and still is the only man in my life my mom, her soul mate,” said Bindi in an interview with the Daily Pop may 11.
Recall that Steve tragically died during the filming of a documentary from the electric shock of the slope – that his spike got researcher-broadcaster only in the heart.
Bindi told me that her mother is sure that no one will ever replace her deceased husband, and somewhere, in another life n waiting for her.
“My mom says she and dad will always be the couple in this life and the next. I think it is very important to keep this loyalty. Russell was a close friend of my pair, and now is our support and a family member, so we define it, but mom and Russell? They’re just friends. It’s for sure,” said Bindi.