The daughter of Stepan Menschikova grows its copy

Дочь Степана Меньщикова растет его копией Fans were delighted from the looks of the girl. Stepan Menshikov became a father for the second time last year. Only recently, after the christening of the girl, the showman and his wife ceased to hide the face of the baby.

      New year’s star of “House-2” Stepan Menshikov and his wife Eugenia for the second time become parents. For almost four months, the pair did not show the girls face to protect the baby from unnecessary public attention. Last week the couple baptized little Barbara, and now do not hide the charming daughter from the fans. Showman published a picture where he is holding the baby in her arms. Barbara dressed in a brown tracksuit and a yellow skirt. “Good morning everyone!” signed Stepan picture with the heiress.

      Stepan Menshikov baptized the child

      Fans were delighted with the charm of a little girl. They were quick to Express their admiration and wished the girl a happy life. Also, followers began to discuss who, in their opinion, like barbarian for a mother or father.

      “Cuties! Look like dad!”, “Sweetie is. And Stepan is a good dad,” “Daddy’s daughter! All right, Steve, the Princess you have. Like daughter like dad!” wrote the fans of the showman.

      The wife of the star of “House-2” also talked about the fact that the daughter inherited all of dad’s traits, and the eldest son Vanya went into it. The whole family was eagerly waiting for the barbarians the light. Now all attention is focused on the education of little brother even fun to babysit Varvara. “John doted sister, very caring and gentle with her. My daughter, of course, is another. It’s a big lump of tenderness and affection that envelops the whole house,” said Eugene.

      Now a young mother trying to find time as caring for children and caring for each other. She joined the gym to regain his former form. Evegniya enjoys sports, getting rid of extra pounds.

      During pregnancy, Menshikov tried to do everything to his spouse experienced the least possible inconvenience. He was willing to put up with any whims of his wife. “Stepan has always looked after: the Breakfast, the tea poured, but now indulges me more often, suffers mood swings. Recently he scored a bouquet of wild flowers – it was very nice. We do in house chef. Most of all loves to cook soups,” said Eugene while waiting for the second child.