Дочь Станислава Дужникова пошла по его стопам The actor’s mother divorced Ustinya Christina Grandmother a few years ago. Stanislav and his ex-wife managed to maintain friendly relations. According to Grandmother, the heiress very much like his dad and follows his example.

      Дочь Станислава Дужникова пошла по его стопам

      Actor Stanislav Doinikov broke up with his wife, actress Christine Grandmother a few years ago. However, they maintained friendly relations and even worked together at the Moscow art theatre. Chekhov. Ex-wife stars of the series “Voronin” admits that it was difficult to peacefully end the marriage, which lasted seven years.

      “I will not hide: it is very difficult after the divorce to turn into a friendship, but I feel so comfortable, especially since we work at one stage – sure, Christine. – No one to blame for what happened, to complain to each other, we must discard it and move on. Honestly, now friendly relations with Stas very valuable to me. He can see her whenever you want, with Stesha she is often at her dad,” said Kristina.
      Дочь Станислава Дужникова пошла по его стопам

      Daughter’s Grandmother and Doinikova Ustine nine years. According to the actress, all the inner qualities and character traits she has inherited from the father. The girl is creative. Ustinja wanted to be an architect, a librarian, a cook and singer, but eventually decided to follow in the footsteps of his parents and enrolled in drama school.

      “If my daughter make this choice, not lie down flat, of course, want her to have some other profession. But if the daughter will say, take out so positive, there’s nowhere to go. But to make her a pop star or a famous artist for sure not going,” admitted the star.

      Grandma is watching the interests of his daughter. The girl allowed to register with social networking, as she believes that it is too small for this. Ustino sometimes take with us on the set, so that the girl could see, as the work of real actors.

      Recently Doinikov rarely communicates with his daughter. However, during visits to the heiress Stanislav always tells the girl how beautiful she is and good to Ustinja grew confident person. According to the actor, they’re friends: the child has a lot to tell my dad, to share your opinion.

      Mom is responsible for the entertainment of his daughter. “Every summer Stesha definitely flying to Irkutsk, there is very beautiful nature, lake Baikal. We have a big family, so she is not bored, I occasionally also come back, depending on how his schedule allows,” – said grandma in an interview with the magazine “Only star”.

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