The daughter of Sergei Bodrov explained the rejection of publicity

Дочь Сергея Бодрова объяснила отказ от публичности The successor to the iconic actor and Director followed in his footsteps. 19-year-old Olga is studying in one of the theatrical institutes of Moscow. Classmates and teachers of the girls say that she tries not to advertise the relationship with a movie star. Recently, Bodrov played debut role in a short film.
Дочь Сергея Бодрова объяснила отказ от публичности

15 years ago, 20 September 2002, killing 30-year-old actor and Director Sergei Bodrov Jr. The actor died on the set of the film “the Messenger”, which took place in the Karmadon gorge in North Ossetia. The sudden departure of a talented artist of life shocked his fans who grew up on the cult novel “the Brother” Alexey Balabanov.

15 years without a “Brother”: my classmates remembered what was Sergei Bodrov

The movie stars had two children, Olga and Alexander, who was born four months before his father’s death. The daughter of Sergei Bodrov graduated from school with honors, and after graduation decided to become an actress. The girl arrived in theatre University, in the workshop of Leonid Heifetz. Olga starred in the movies – not so long ago, she participated in the work on a short picture of his classmate Valentine Gardens. The journalists managed to contact the successor of the famous names who prefer to refrain from communicating with the press.

“I have nothing yet to say congratulations. The movie’s not out yet. And generally it’s just a short film. If you collect material about my dad – that’s one thing. But to write about me nothing – I am a second year student. When I become an actress – then a different story. Now I have done nothing to deserve this kind of attention,” said Olga.
Дочь Сергея Бодрова объяснила отказ от публичности

Correspondents replied to the girl, she will always speak in the context of relationship with Sergei Bodrov. So Olga won’t be able to hide from the attention of the public. “I’m not going to go. And not going to change the name,” said the daughter of the famous actor and Director.

Classmates Olga say that she tried not to focus on who her father was. According to acquaintances of the girl, at the time of admission was an unusual story. Then Bodrov showed the master Leonid Heifetz his acting potential.

“Olga came to the exam, so all right, angel started to read exactly. And suddenly, Leonid Efimovich Kheifets told her one word: hooker! And more… Olga immediately changed from the inside, showed the temperament. At first glance one might think that the Oli image of the lyrical heroine, but Leonid Efimovich instantly scathing remark knocked her off balance and exposed her to potential data,” said Valentin Sadiki, who is studying in the same school with the heir to Sergei Bodrov.

The master himself has told that while early to speak about the abilities of Olga, because she hasn’t finished College. According to Leonid Heifetz, a girl prefers not to remember his father. “And I’m not asking that”, he added.

The mother and brother of Olga, trying to support it. The University said that they came to the exams and screenings. After the death of her husband, Svetlana Bodrova avoids public events. At one time she worked in the TV project “Wait for me”, and now is an employee of the company “VID”. According to rumors, the woman is not alone, she has support in the face of a close friend, writes “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.