The daughter of Sergei Bezrukov accompanies him on the set

Дочь Сергея Безрукова сопровождает его на съемках Adorable three-month Masha grows from childhood immersed in the world the movie: parents take her to work. Not so long ago in Moscow, began shooting the film “Rogue,” which was directed by Anna matison. The happy father shared in social networks photos.

      Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison – the parents of a three-month charming Masha. She was born in July of this year. Not so long ago in the capital began shooting the Comedy “Rogue,” the Director of which was Anna matison. In one of his social networking Bezrukov shared a photo from the shoot where you can see his successor. Apparently, the daughter of celebrities grows from childhood immersed in the movie. Company Masha made her grandmother – the mother of Sergei Bezrukov Natalia. The actor admitted that he, as a child, often visited his father’s work – actor Vitaly Bezrukov, who played in the Moscow theater of Satire.

      “My girls on the set of our new film project. Anya, Masha and mom, all together! Masha is a real cinematic child as I! My dear, good, do not freeze,” – wrote Sergey Bezrukov in his Instagram.

      Fans of the actor wished his family every success and found that the mother and wife of Sergei look great. “Good you girls, You are very similar with my mom”, “the health of your family, Nice to look at a family in which the husband and wife look in one direction”, “What are you bright and beautiful”, “thank you for choosing my women like”, “Very warm photo”, – expressed his opinion the members of the actor.

      “Rogue” is the new project of the production company of Sergei Bezrukov. The filming started in early October in Moscow. One of the first locations for future paintings became famous Patriarshie ponds. According to Bezrukova, the film will be youth and lyrical. The scenario to it was written the wife of actor Anna matison and Timur Ezugbaia. “Motor, camera, action! Wish us luck,” – said Bezrukov in their social networks.

      The plot of the upcoming film the two students – Artem and Glory is trying to earn the first big money. They will play a budding young artists Denis Nurulin and Evgeny Kulik. The film also will star actors of the Provincial theatre, which is the artistic Director Sergei Bezrukov. It can be seen in several episodes of “Rogue”. Bezrukov will appear in several images and will take on the roles of father and uncle of one of the heroes of Comedy.