Дочь Ольги Кабо дает маме мудрые советы 17-year-old girl helps the actress to look at the situation from a different angle. Olga Kabo with pleasure turns for help to his successor. The actress is glad that they now communicate with Tatiana as a friend.

      Popular actress Olga Kabo has two children – Tatiana and Victor. The artist loves their heirs and as little as possible to spend more time with them. Olga is happy that now her daughter has become like a friend. She admits that she often turns to her for wise advice.

      “The daughter is very serious about philosophy and psychology – reading of Kant and Hegel, Camus. And I often turn to her for advice. It is easier to assess the situation. And my seventeen-year-old girl Ude wisely parses my problem… I’m lucky that she’s my friend,” said Cabo.

      The actress recalls that he had noticed growing up daughter after the girl’s younger brother was born. To 14 years Tatiana was an only child, so the news that mom is expecting a baby, she received a hostile reception. The daughter burst into tears, knowing that the boy was to be born in August, on her birthday. Olga reacted with understanding to the experiences of a teenager – she knew that Tanya very jealously reacted to the news about the new addition to the family.

      Photos published Olga Kabo (@kabo_olga) Dec 27 2015 at 7:30 PST

      But now all the worries are left behind. With the birth of Viti the girl had a sense of responsibility for his brother. Olga believes that if suddenly something happens, the daughter will become the boy’s second mother.

      Now 17-year-old heiress Cabo living separately from parents. In order to free her from household chores, caring mom and dad hired girls for the AU pair. But with the move Tatiana the relationship between them has not changed – they regularly held a family meeting and try to do something nice for each other.

      “Now Tatiana lives alone in a Moscow apartment (of course, she has an AU pair), and every weekend we have family gatherings at home or joint trips to the circus, to the theater, to the Park. Victor loves his sister all the time and asks to visit her. And Tania with pleasure invites us to himself. She cooks dinner, contemplating entertainment, just like in my childhood: my brother plays the piano, shows cartoons, gives to listen to my adult music in General, enlightens him! In addition, every year we try to go somewhere to relax together,” said Olga in an interview with “7 days”.

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