The daughter of Oleg Gazmanov is suffering from stress

Дочка Олега Газманова страдает от стресса
The successor artist has found an original way to release negative energy.

Marianne Gazmanov


Star children experience from learning at school the same stress, like many of their peers. The wife of Oleg Gazmanov admitted that to cope with the effects of constant tension with her daughter… help of the photo shoot. According to Marina with a 13-year-old Marianne is a professional psychologist-a photographer who helps her survive a stressful situation.

“Our Marianne is a very kind girl. But today’s overweight in school , in traffic do not give our Teens the chance to burn through negative emotions. Before I returned from school at 13:00, quickly did homework and in the yard to friends, club associates or to the section of interest. Negative was pareikalaus to time in a friendly environment. But now students come home tired to toe, lessons, disgruntled parents… it’s very stressful. I let Marianne have fun on photo shoots with a photographer-psychologist!” — shared the other day the wife of Oleg.

The first professional shot of Marianne, by the way, was harshly criticized by fans Gazmanov. The thought that a teenage girl shouldn’t have been so open to show the sexy, and the makeup artist would make the artist less Akdeniz bright makeup. However, Oleg’s wife has it in his point of view.

“Yes, I agree, too much makeup. Looking at yourself from Marianne and also draws conclusions. But let them play a little in adult. I also wore my mother’s shoes , spun near the mirror and gazed at her lipstick! We did not wear makeup, due to the lack of availability of cosmetics. As well as ogogo would paint on the Indian movies… online beauty rest!” — sure, Marina.