Дочь Муслима Магомаева не оправдала ожиданий отца Singer all my life regretted the choice of his successor. Muslim Magomayev dreamed of performing on the same stage along with Marina. Her failure as a professional musician was very disappointed by the famous singer.
Дочь Муслима Магомаева не оправдала ожиданий отца

August 17, people’s artist of the Soviet Union, one of the most famous singers of the twentieth century, Muslim Magomayev would have turned 75 years. On the eve of the anniversary of the singer, who passed away in October 2008, the First channel showed a documentary film “Muslim Magomayev. There is no sun without you.” His memories of the great artist shared his friends, acquaintances, and the widow, ex-soloist of the Bolshoi theatre Tamara Sinyavskaya.

In the life of Muslim Magomayev were three great love – music, wife Tamara, and one daughter Marina. Singer all my life regretted that his successor did not become an artist. Alleged daughter of Muslim Magomayev learned the truth about his father

Дочь Муслима Магомаева не оправдала ожиданий отца“He is as a musician was sorry, not like a father – said in the film, the widow of Muslim Magomayev, Tamara Sinyavskaya. – He had no one else to push you. Including a choice of Marina is not affected, but annoyed. Because she is a talented girl, and she had musical talents, Marina’s playing beautifully on the piano. And Muslim was often annoyed that from a musical family, but the way the ancestors did not continue”.
Дочь Муслима Магомаева не оправдала ожиданий отца

Marina Magomayev-Kozlovskaya was born in the first marriage of the singer. While still studying at the Baku music College, Magomayev was passionately in love with her classmate Ophelia. The young artist was then eighteen years old. The couple got married, but a year later the marriage broke up, it did not save even the birth of his daughter.

Marina Magomayev-Kozlovskaya even at the age of 16 along with her mother went to America and has since lived overseas. The woman prefers not to communicate with journalists. With the exception of heir of the great musician did five years ago for the First channel. In interview to the program “Let them talk,” she shared memories of his famous father. In the film “Muslim Magomayev. If you” showed those archival footage from five years ago.

Дочь Муслима Магомаева не оправдала ожиданий отца“In Baku the snow is a rare phenomenon, and when I was born it snowed, and dad called me Maiden, – said Marina Magomayev-Kozlovskaya. Is the name attached to me. I was a little girl, and dad seemed to me a tall and very funny. He loved joking”.

Marina, by the way, graduated from music school, class piano. The father wanted to perform on the same stage with her daughter, and it was disappointing, Magomayev never rebuked the Marina. Friendly relations with her he valued most.