The daughter of Michael Ephraim explained why not living with parents

Дочь Михаила Ефремова объяснила, почему не живет с родителями 17-year-old Anna-Maria published a controversial post on a social network. In the words of the successor of Michael Efremova, she communicates with her mother and father. Thus the education of girls engaged a governess.
Дочь Михаила Ефремова объяснила, почему не живет с родителями

Daughter of Michael Efremova Anna Maria rarely appears in public, and prefers not to give interviews. At the same time around the personal life of a 17 year old girl constantly rumor. Some time ago, fans of the actor discussed his problems in communicating with the mother of the heir. The fact that the fourth wife of the artist Ksenia Kachalina was accused of alcoholism, and inappropriate behavior.

Anna-Maria decided to clarify the rumors regarding her family. A girl posted a controversial post on a social network in which he answered the most popular questions from subscribers.

“I’m on a governess, she does it with more responsibility. And it is good! Sometimes swear much, but she is a wonderful and responsible person. My mom is really the problem, but I nothing do not see. Just a reality and a fact. And I have no such disorder there,” – said Anna-Maria.
Дочь Михаила Ефремова объяснила, почему не живет с родителями

The girl said that he decided to answer the most common questions fans because of gossip that surrounds her family. She does not hesitate neither the Pope nor mother, but stressed that she has achieved nothing in life.

According to Anna-Maria, father is okay with her antics and they had a friendly relationship.

“My father wasn’t a perfect person, I’m also not the best role model. And I’m not responsible for the words of my father, as my father is not responsible for mine,” said the daughter of Ephraim.

Also, she appeared in the “You wouldn’t believe it!”. She gave a short interview in which he confirmed that he lives in a separate apartment with a governess. “She’s essentially the acting mom. She watches over me, might criticize something. Just dad’s second family, the children and wife Sonia. I understand that he can’t pay me enough attention. I’m not offended. Mom and intersect approximately every five months, sometimes more often, sometimes less often, ” said Anna-Maria.

Fans of the actor are worried about the fact that the girl lives with her father. Mail Yefremov, said that his daughter enough attention. This year Anna Maria successfully completed tenth grade, and soon she’ll be on vacation together with the star father and his family.