Дочь Максима Виторгана дебютирует в театре
20-year-old Pauline got the role in the play “Vanya” based on the play by Anton Chekhov.

Дочь Максима Виторгана дебютирует в театре

Pauline Vitorgan

the play “Vanya” based on the play of A. P. Chekhov will take place in autumn 2017.
The project “Theatre outside the Theatre” takes the place in
the old Moscow apartment, where the audience will be less
witnesses as participants in the drama in the house Serebryakov.

For staging the play selected historical apartment of the beginning of XX century
Cooking with original columns and molding. In the old space
larger than 300 m2 Chekhov creates a unique atmosphere, where the epoch
transmitted through a contemporary look at the interior, menu and costumes. The characters of the play
will become residents of this apartment, and the audience — the guests invited to the dinner party
dinner. Life is unfolding in every corner of this house. And for the guests
seated at a large comfortable table, gradually reveals a human tragedy.
The viewers see is not performance, but a full-fledged drama

“Viewers meet characters in a domestic space where equal
coexistence with each other sets an entirely new tone. Action
happening in different rooms simultaneously, and it lends drama cinematography”,
— said the Director Vagan Saroyan.

In the play, busy with a great cast — the role of Sony
will be the theatrical debut for Polina Vitorgan, the daughter of Maxim
Vitorgan. Elena Andreyevna will play Miriam Sahana, familiar to viewers not
only to numerous films, but also as a soloist VIA “Tatiana”. The role
Ivan Petrovich Voinitsky has given the graduate WTU them. Schepkin Ilya
Ermolov, and also the lead actor of the Theater. Vakhtangov Dmitry Colomycin.
In the image of nanny Marina appears Olga Kondrashova, 69 which became the model and
won great fame in this capacity. And people’s artist of Russia
Olga Naumenko will play the role of Maria Vasilievna.

it is interesting to unravel the Chekhovian text. Decipher the text, and think themselves
solve. This idea is very interesting, and I still don’t know what will happen and what
work, and no one knows because everyone is for the first time. It’s even cooler
we have a …a common step in the great unknown,” says Pauline Vitorgan.

Pauline Vitorgan with his father and Ksenia Sobchak