The daughter of Maxim Vitorgan posing in lingerie

Дочь Максима Виторгана позирует в белье Aspiring actress allowed herself to loosen up. 20-year-old daughter Maxim Vitorgan Pauline had a photo session. The friends girls were surprised that she did not hesitate to stand in a rather provocative way.
Дочь Максима Виторгана позирует в белье

20-year-old daughter of actor Maxim Vitorgan Polina has already show his talent in several films. Girl since childhood, decided to follow in the footsteps of their parents and devote himself to art. Apparently, the heiress loud names does not regret the time and effort to hone skills – she always publishes photos from the rehearsals.

Recently, however, Pauline decided to arrange a photo session – she was dressed in jeans and a sports jacket. Special piquancy to the personnel added that the girl did not hesitate to unbutton the robe, under which were only lace underwear.

“Let’s have a good day,” wrote Pauline in the microblog.

For members daughter of Maxim Vitorgan this shot was a real surprise, as she rarely publishes provocative pictures on social networks. Not so long ago, the girl admitted that she did not consider herself a beauty. Only recently Pauline has left the self-criticism and began to work on the shortcomings. The daughter of Maxim Vitorgan considered themselves “ugly”

Fans of the aspiring actress say that she always looks natural – it is a minimum of makeup. Unlike many children of celebrities, she does not want to try for the new items of cosmetics and not showing off branded clothing.

Apparently, Maxim Vitorgan great relationship with his daughter – he does not deprive her attention, despite the fact that now he has another family and a young son. Polina loves to babysit younger half-brother of Plato, who was born in the marriage of actor presenter and the chief editor of a glossy magazine Ksenia Sobchak. Not long ago Pauline posted a photo – the picture shows how she feeds a little of Plato on the bottle. Friends girls come to the delight from touching the frame.

“Awesome photo!”, “Pauline is going to be a mom,” wrote a follower.

Apparently, the aspiring actress loves the boy and finds time to visit dad and his young son. She forgets important dates and wishes of loved ones through social networks.

“Today, seven months to Plato! (Well, “father’s Day” is). Here it is – the best dad on the planet,” wrote over the weekend girl.