Дочь Максима Виторгана считала себя «уродиной» Continuer acting dynasty from complexes because of the appearance. Only recently Pauline Vitorgan learned to love herself for who she is. The daughter of a famous artist makes the first steps in the development of the acting profession.

      Дочь Максима Виторгана считала себя «уродиной»

      20-year-old daughter Maxim Vitorgan Pauline, unlike many peers, who also are the offspring of celebrities, showing unprecedented humility and hard work. The girl with the head immersed in the development of the acting profession. Being a child she decided to follow in the footsteps of star family.

      Polina is the youngest representative of the dynasty Vitorgan. Because of her age she has some insecurities. So, in the school years the girl suffered from low self-esteem. She thought of herself not as attractive as the other young lady. And from other unpleasant thoughts she could not get rid of until now.

      “Before, awful didn’t really like myself. Standard situation: all the girls are beautiful and I’m ugly. Only now beginning to understand, accept and love yourself. Of course, I not all happy, but perceive it is not so self-critical, and try to work on the shortcomings,” – says Polina.

      On a few photos in social networks Vitorgan looks quite natural. At least cosmetics. Hair seems to be the girl and not paint. While the color scheme of her attire is not the initiator. However, the character of Pauline is not arrogant. The so-called “star disease” the girl is clearly not suffering.

      “Anyway, what makes a person to be haughty and arrogant, if he’s anything outstanding did? I don’t believe that I did something that can perk up. Besides, I can’t boast of 100% confidence. I have periods when all are closed from everyone, but then I “let go”, – said Vitorgan.

      The daughter takes the example Vitorgan Sobchak

      It is noteworthy that Pauline, though is still a student, she has already made the first steps in the profession. So, the girl recently travelled to Omsk to the festival “Movement”, where they showed a short film in which he starred. It was the first time Vitorgan saw myself on the big screen.

      “When you look at the paintings with his participation, I try to analyze the game, consider the mistakes, to understand some of the points in the future to do a better job, better. I did notice that constantly analyze everything. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it hinders and makes me a prisoner to my own thoughts. Today, however, I have learned to stop in time, so as not to bring themselves to introspection,” says the heiress, Maxim Vitorgan in an interview “Woman.ru”.

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