Дочь Малинина и Зарубиной пыталась покончить с собой Kira got to the hospital allegedly from poisoning. Relatives Zarubina from America met her in the Studio of Dmitry Shepelev “really” and said that the girl takes drugs and leads a riotous life.
Дочь Малинина и Зарубиной пыталась покончить с собой

Recently it became known that an illegitimate daughter of Alexander Malinin Kira disappeared in the United States. Her mother Olga Zarubina finds no place. In the previous program “Let them talk” she said that Kira behaves this way because of the lack of communication with his father. However, as it turned out, the 31-year-old heiress Zarubina not much to forgive and mother.

The former wife of Alexander Malinin’s accusing him of his daughter’s disappearance

Evgeniy Gudkov, the husband of the sister of Olga Zarubina, her niece Julia Golosina with her husband Igor came to the Studio “actually” to clarify the situation. They were rather negative towards the singer.

“She left Kira, gave her to strangers. When we arrived to pick her up, she had jeans ripped, holey socks. Watched as the cub. Then told how it’s been laughed at two girls from the family. Kira was 10-11 years”, – said Gudkov.

According to relatives, the absence of the mother greatly influenced the formation of character Kira. Says Zarubina, she went from daughter, when she was already 22 years old. Zarubin went to appear in a show in Russia.

Дочь Малинина и Зарубиной пыталась покончить с собой

The niece of actress Julia wanted Kira on brothels. Went into the Studio, a woman reported that her husband visited her in the hospital at the request of Olga. There is a version that the girl was in the hospital after trying to commit suicide.

“When we got there, she said, that the meaning of life. I was talking to Kira: “let me help you! I have an idea what I can do,” said Igor.

Julia does not communicate with Kira in person, they only occasionally write to her in the messengers. Holysin shed light on the cause of the hospitalization of the girl.

“We were told that she was poisoned. I later found out from her boyfriend that she for some other reason there was. I then called him. He said, “She left me and went to the addict”. It was an overdose,” said Igor.
Дочь Малинина и Зарубиной пыталась покончить с собой

Olga chose to deny this version of events. According to the artist, Kira was in a medical facility due to a bacterial infection. “I can’t say it’s personal,” he justified Zarubina.

Two weeks ago Julia talked with Kira. Then the daughter Zarubina admitted that he was homeless. The U.S. housing Olga was not reissued to a successor in time. Allegedly Gudkov and Houseboy, the government took the property.

A member of a family scandal became the mother Zarubina, who came to Russia. Olga tried to send an elderly woman back to the U.S. against her will. At the end of the 91 air-flight Liudmila Zarubina came to the Studio and confessed that he loves both daughters, and that intends to conduct the end of life at home.

Дочь Малинина и Зарубиной пыталась покончить с собой