The daughter of Leonid Agutin did not listen to the advice of parents

Дочь Леонида Агутина не прислушалась к совету родителей
Famous singer Leonid Agutin do not like to dwell on the personal lives of their daughters, sometimes delighting fans with their images.

Дочь Леонида Агутина не прислушалась к совету родителей

Both girls live abroad, so the parents rarely see their daughters. But Elizabeth was forced to experience the parents for themselves, left in the midst of a hurricane in the USA with your loved.

“We insisted that she left. Even the tickets found on the plane, but Lisa said she didn’t want to leave the country without the young man. But mark does not agree to leave without his parents. In short, they just didn’t want to miss the hurricane. For young people this event, then you can brag that you were in the midst of a hurricane, to spread the video in social networks. I believe this is unacceptable behavior on the part of children,” – said Leonid.

Recall that Elizabeth lived in Miami since childhood, where she met her young man.

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