The daughter of Konstantin Meladze followed in his footsteps

Дочь Константина Меладзе пошла по его стопам Leah shows talent in music. Ex-wife of producer Konstantin Meladze Yana was told about the abilities of the child. Despite the fact that she had perfect pitch and a good voice, my mother doesn’t want the girl began his career in show business before the age of 17.
Дочь Константина Меладзе пошла по его стопам

Younger heiress producer, 13-year-old Leah started singing a year ago and has already won awards at music competitions in Spain and Italy. And in recent times the young singer took the third place.

Дочь Константина Меладзе пошла по его стопам“About the capabilities of the LII we learned when we define it in music school, violin class, – has shared with “StarHit” the girl’s mother Yana Amounts. – It turned out that she had perfect pitch. She studied for four years, and then said that he wanted to sing. I sent her to dad. Kostya knew that Leah had data, but was waiting for when she’ll get there.”

Producer found for her a good vocal coach – Alain Savinov. Konstantin gave my daughter the opportunity to speak at this stage. With the guys in the band MBAND the girl performed their track “She will return” to record a festive one program in Kiev. For competitions for children’s festivals in Europe Leah Meladze chose to sing songs in Russian, Ukrainian and English.

“Leah went with her grandmother, continues Jan. – I like her voice. However, for me to sing it somehow shy. Locked in a room, when he’s rehearsing. But of course, I hear everything. And sometimes specifically include her favorite songs in the car, she doesn’t notice as it starts to sing and I enjoy. But while we perceive music as a hobby. With her dad we have an agreement that no show business to 17 years.”
Дочь Константина Меладзе пошла по его стопам

Ian has three children – Alice, Leah, and son Valerian. When the boy was three, he was diagnosed with autism. Since mom is always looking for new ways of treatment, attend special seminars and lectures. She is grateful that her current husband Oleg helps her in everything. Yana got married to a businessman in the summer of 2014. The ex-wife of Konstantin Meladze told the truth about raising a son with autism

“Children react to my wedding, told Ian “StarHit”. Alice – in two ways, of course, she’s a little jealous. But Junior Leah exclaimed, “Great! It will be a holiday”. Children love the father, and he spoils them endlessly. So I sometimes have to be a bad COP”.