The daughter of Joseph Prigogine talked about the relationship with his father

Дочь Иосифа Пригожина рассказала об отношениях с отцом
Danae Prigogine admitted that her relationship with her dad is an endless scandal.

Дочь Иосифа Пригожина рассказала об отношениях с отцом

Joseph Prigogine

Photo: Elena Sukhova

Danae Prigogine

Photo: Oleg Zotov

another conflict with his father — producer
Iosif Prigozhin, his daughter Danae dared to candid interviews. 19-year-old
she admitted, never were able to experience true fatherly love, and
relationship with dad — an endless scandal and reproach.

the years began to suspect that something is not right here, not to be a father
love, says Danae. Any conversation turns into a shouting and
reproaches. And thick I and learn the worst. Every time the bell rang
from dad, I grew cold inside and started to shake hands, realized will again
yell. Terrified screams. If my guy ever raise me
voice, this will be our last day together. Will not be tolerated. Father yelled at me all
life. Must have been bright moments, but they are so small… But offense —

I remember
as dad and Valeria took us with Dima to relax in Dubai. This trip was
Valeria’s mother Galina. I took her lipstick and drew on
window hearts. Caught me, scolded. The father rushed to call my mom and yelled at
up, sword, thunder and lightning that her daughter was a thief, and she didn’t teach me that
you can’t take someone else’s! My mom could answer: “the Child is only seven years old,
is Anya never took Lera’s lipstick?”

story: my father took me and Lisa to Italy. Visited on the tour, go to
the hotel, and he asks:

— What
the picture is on the main street of the town of Vinci? — I was tired, wanted to sleep. It
stalking: — Well, what a picture?! — Gives a hint: — Mo…

— Mo, —
I sleepily respond.

— Mo… —
helps father.

He wanted
to hear “Mona Lisa”. But I didn’t react. Started op. I cringed, cried,
and he cries and screams, what a stupid daughter. And it’s a father’s love?!

tried to tell him about the problems with classmates, the response was always
one: it means that she is guilty. Not saying that the father is a tyrant and a despot. But I can’t
to understand this attitude — because the children of Valeria he is otherwise. And
to Lisa, too.”

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