Дочь Иосифа Пригожина призналась в любви Валерии 18-year-old Lisa posted a touching line in the address stepmother. The daughter of Joseph Prigogine admitted that the father and his beloved Valeria are the example of ideal family. In addition, she is in awe of the singer.

      Дочь Иосифа Пригожина призналась в любви Валерии

      The daughter of Joseph Prigogine from his marriage with Leila Fattakhova demonstrates the wisdom and friendly nature. After dad has a new family, Lisa became friends not only with the choice of producer Valeria, but also with her children. So, the singer’s daughter Anna Shulgina Lisa did call each other sisters. A young person get along well, and last but not least due to the warm relations in the family. By the way, the friendship is maintained not only girls but also their mothers – Valerie and Leila Fattakhova. The singer often sincerely says the pictures, which puts in his mother Lisa.

      Daughter of Joseph Prigogine followed in his footsteps

      For girls marriage of her father and Valerie is exemplary. She does not hide delicate relationship to the stepmother and publicly confesses his love for her on his page in “Vkontakte”.

      “I remembered our walk together… favorite couple that will never break up because then I’ll just cease to believe in family! All this is Prigogine Lisa strange, and Mama loves, and daddy loves, and even the stepmother loves… I Have to say, that human wisdom is capable of incredible things, like, for example, to bring people together and make them one big family, and those people who have been given only envy, I am truly, very sorry,” admitted Lisa.

      It is worth noting that Prigogine worthy change grows. 18-year-old daughter producer Lisa from his marriage with Leila Fattakhova followed in the footsteps of their parents and independently organized a tour of the piano show Bel Suono in Geneva. The girl’s mother is a well-known Manager on the selection of an artist and the owner of a PR Agency.

      “Lisa is very independent and if she will be engaged in producing, it can be a worthy replacement for me and their dad. The number of friends and acquaintances in show business she had no less than ours. Girl she is very sociable, and I believe that in this field she has a bright future”, – comments Fattakhova about his daughter.

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