Дочь Иосифа Пригожина намерена добиться от него алиментов 19-year-old Danae has appealed to the lawyer. The girl is convinced that the father should support her, because from her early childhood, hearing impaired, and it is difficult to find a job. The producer hopes that eventually his successor has cooled, and they will be able to talk.

      Дочь Иосифа Пригожина намерена добиться от него алиментов

      In the family of Joseph Prigogine recently, another scandal broke. The producer has always had an uneasy relationship with 19-year-old daughter Danae. Last week, the conflict in the family strained to the limit. It came that Dana was going to change the name and turned to a lawyer.

      It all started in late July, when Prigogine was a participant of the project “Dom-2” have spent there only one day. The environment the girls have divided into two camps: some have interpreted this act as a great PR course, the second thought it was a stupid move. And the relationship with the father eventually deteriorated.

      Joseph Prigozhin has ceased to communicate with her daughter after the scandal at the “House-2”

      “He called me almost every day, – have shared with “StarHit” Prigogine. – It was said that the family has its black sheep. Demanded that I changed my name, what I’ll do. Most likely, I will volkovoy as a grandmother. I don’t understand why I can’t dream about fame? He can’t help me as a producer? After all, Anna, the daughter of Valerie, he arranged for a music channel. What have I done? Feel like I’m a stranger for him. I already asked the lawyer for help. I’m hearing impaired, are entitled to financial assistance from his side. If he does not show initiative, I will understand through the courts.

      Joseph Prigogine has repeatedly tried to talk to my daughter, but she stopped returning his calls.

      “Dana is a child with an unbalanced psyche, said “StarHit” producer. – It first does, then thinks and apologizes. I see that it tends to empty popularity. We have a huge number of people who want to become stars. Only talent is not. I did Arseny (youngest son of Valerie. – Approx. “StarHit”), because it is, in my opinion, a brilliant musician. Anya graduated from Pike, she is a professional actress. And Dana still learning! I will not produce because I don’t see potential. I understand that when parents get divorced, there is a deficiency of attention. Well, come, live close by, no one stops. A month ago, I suggested to her to rest but she went to my mother in Stavropol. I don’t know what to complain about? Housing in Moscow she has, money I’ve always helped. Hopefully soon it will cool down and we’ll talk.”

      It is noteworthy that Valeria has long preferred to stay away and not get into a family dispute with her husband. However, at some point, the artist realized that things had gone too far, and therefore hastened to intercede for Joseph.

      “…Dad always wanted you studied, and did everything for this… Danka, please don’t keep doing stupid things, they are just going to regret, or already committed,” wrote Valeria on Instagram girls.

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