The daughter of Joseph Prigogine founded the business project

Дочь Иосифа Пригожина основала бизнес-проект 20-year-old heiress producer, opened a clothing store. Danae Prigogine dreamed of becoming a boutique owner, but to carry out conceived it was able only recently. Girl pleased with the result of the work done and hoped that clients will also be able to evaluate it.

      Дочь Иосифа Пригожина основала бизнес-проект

      20-year-old Danae Prigogine, currently studying in international Institute of Economics and law, and in parallel works as a makeup artist and model, opened its online store called “Danae”. The girl taking orders.

      “I am buying clothes over the Internet – shared with “StarHit” was Given. – It is very convenient. And then I decided to open my own shop where girls of different shapes can afford to pick up something. She is a model Plus-size, it’s sometimes hard girls with irregular shape to find something beautiful and feminine. In my boutique you will be presented outfits in size from 40 to 60! The motto of the store – “Women are beautiful at any size”.

      According to Prigogine, the range is very wide. In This “Vkontakte” you can find dresses, cardigans, blouses, pants and even outerwear.

      “Also, I have made available rates – from two thousand roubles, – continues the business lady. – It is true that the more expensive jacket is from four thousand. Want these clothes could be worn by any girl.”
      Дочь Иосифа Пригожина основала бизнес-проект

      In order to open a business, the Dan not only had to accumulate a certain amount of money, but think about all the details. Financially support the girl doesn’t receive from parents, from friends. Thus, the clothing store heiress to the famous producer can be considered her first independent business project.

      Recall that for the last eighteen years the girl tried himself in different roles. The heiress Prigogine is a stylist-makeup artist. She also took part in advertising clothes for girls with appetizing forms. In parallel Prigogine continues to struggle with excess weight. However, as many have noticed the roundness of her not spoil. Recently, Dana was 20 years old, and the famous Pope publicly congratulated her on the anniversary, despite a number of conflicts that have long marred their fellowship.

      “How quickly time flies. Today my daughter Danae 20 years. With all my heart want her to be happy, successful, healthy and loved. That did not happen in life, we will love their children and many turn a blind eye,” – wrote in his microblog Joseph.

      The daughter of Joseph Prigogine about family conflict: “Nobody’s fault that it happened”

      Those who follow the family life of Joseph Prigogine, it is well known that communication between a famous producer and his daughter Danae has not always evolved smoothly. Sometimes it was difficult for them to understand each other or forgive old grievances.