The daughter of johnny Depp has got an amazing gift on the seventeenth of

Дочь Джонни Деппа получила потрясающий подарок на семнадцатилетие
In an exclusive interview Lily-rose admitted that he experienced an incredible feeling.

Дочь Джонни Деппа получила потрясающий подарок на семнадцатилетие


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Johnny Depp and
Vanessa Paradis is very proud of his daughter. Lily-rose this year not only made contracts with leading fashion houses, but also played a major role in the film, presented on
The Cannes film festival in the competitive program “the Special
look”. French painting “the Dancer” is dedicated to the life of a young
Isadora Duncan, and it plays Lily-rose. While her mother sits in the jury
Cannes film festival, and dad is off making another “pirates of the Caribbean,
daughter for the first time — and without her famous parents — rose at the prestigious Cannes
red stairs to the premiere

— Lily-rose, tell me, are you very worried?

— Of course. But I tried to disconnect and not think about how all
surreal — those extraordinary events, which with me in this moment to happen. And everything went

— At least at Cannes you feel safe. Unlike
real life when you are always chasing paparazzi.

— Yes,
they follow parents and follow me everywhere, and in Los Angeles, and in
Paris. But I decided not to draw journalists ‘ attention. Not going to lock myself in
four walls. Will not allow them to spoil your life! At least the paparazzi have
learned that questions about mom or dad, I do not answer, and ceased to cry out their
the names in my ear. (Laughs).

— The more you have, independently of her famous parents, a lot of their fans.

— Yes,
me 1.4 million followers in Instagram. Me is still amazing. How can we imagine all these people gathered in the room and discussing me… Again, surreal picture is.

— And after the film, their number will increase As…
you took on the role of Isadora? You are so good at dancing?

— Dance all began. On the same day, when I came to audition, the Director first asked me to prepare a room. He briefly went, and when I came back, I showed you how you can dance. I don’t
only took to appear, but even decided to do without understudy. I turn 17 on may 27
years, and I consider this film the most amazing gift.
First I felt only while participating in fashion shows.

— When
you first appeared on the fashion shows?

— Mom has led me to Karl Lagerfeld when I was only 8 years old. Carl loves mommy and
she – him. I’m incredibly lucky, because we, too, Lagerfeld became friends. He even showed me a private apartment of Coco Chanel. This was an amazing woman, with amazing taste. What struck me most was its huge library and the fact that Coco all the books I read. A visit to her apartment impressed me
impression.And I decided I would try it out to link their lives with the world of fashion.


— But now you are going to do and more
acting career? Remember, your parents repeatedly told that not really would like
such a fate for their children…

— Parents understand me and try not to interfere. They give advice, but don’t interfere. They want us to Jack (14-year-old John Christopher (Jack) Depp III, brother of Lily-rose. — Approx. ed.) decide
what we do and what we expect to achieve from life. And, of course, so we were happy.. As for the movie, I didn’t plan it. But, it seems,
took the bait. (Laughs).

— What
you have the most recent experience that are willing to share?

— To
Kanna my mother and I were in Cuba. For the first time there was a show of the latest collection
the house of Chanel. The atmosphere is awesome in Havana. And the catwalk was decorated
on the street, very nice and elegant. We played there together with my
another, a male model from England. With pleasure, when there is an available
time travel for this country.

Дочь Джонни Деппа получила потрясающий подарок на семнадцатилетие

Lily-rose’s mother

Photo: Splash News/East news

Lily-rose and father

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