Дочь Игоря Николаева и Юлии Проскуряковой делает первые шаги Little Veronica is learning to walk. Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova share joyful events of your daughter’s life with their fans. Fans to be excited for star parents and wish the baby health.

      Fans of the star couple of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova watching with interest the growth of their little daughter Veronica. The girl was born in October last year and now not only pleases his parents, but many fans of the artists who look forward to the nice details of a child’s life. Julia and Igor are happy to share their happiness in the microblog. Nikolaev said about the important for every child and his parents of the event.

      “Meanwhile, our She is already taking the first steps! Here I bought a Japanese walkers! Should come in handy!” – enthusiastically said the famous composer, posting a photo of the pretty Shoe for my daughter.

      Fans could not leave without attention such a happy moment in the life of a little girl. “I am very happy for you! I wish the Veronica’s health and much happiness. Let her be surrounded only by good people. And may the Lord keep and protect her. Easy steps angel”, “how lovely! Especially with a bow. Top top, stomping baby. Good luck to your daughter Julia, were going to easily and quietly life!”, Caring and attentive to their daughters! Kind and good!”, – wrote fans.

      Among the followers were experienced parents, who hastened to advise the artist which shoes to choose for a child. Between the fans even a discussion ensued whether it was appropriate to make recommendations to the 56-year-old girl’s father.

      Not so long ago Proskuryakova told his fans about the first sentence of their long-awaited heir. Fans were surprised to see how confident the girl pronounces the words. “Dad, Hello dad, PS. This is our first word,” – said the singer to his fans.

      Igor Nikolaev is ready to do all for the welfare of his family. To his beloved wife and daughter in no way needed, he is willing to work literally for wear. Popularly favorite composer even left without a summer holiday because of the tour. Julia and Veronica spend their time in a private house in Jurmala, and Igor tries his best to as often as possible to see a beloved daughter and wife.

      “The summer will be spent in traveling and flights. But every time I would strive to return home to his wife and daughter. I do not wonder,” said Nikolaev journalists about plans for the hottest months of the year.

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