The daughter of Igor Krutoy said about the scandals with the husband

Дочь Игоря Крутого рассказала о скандалах с мужем Victoria Steep married in 2014, and since then never ceases to share with fans photos with lover and daughter. However, not always the relations of lovers are cloudless. The girl admitted that sometimes much arguing with her husband.
Дочь Игоря Крутого рассказала о скандалах с мужем

A happy mother, a successful businesswoman and the heiress of one of the most famous composers of Russia — it’s all about Victoria Cool. The daughter of a musician for many years lived in the United States, her elegant wedding died down four years ago in Monaco, but the business she decided to open in Moscow.

Victoria now runs a network of floral shops, managing the attention of the daughter of Demi and beloved husband. The girl admits that David Berkowitz has an honorary title of the ideal wife, always ready to come to her aid. However, even in this family sometimes there are conflicts. According to Cool, to overcome their turns thanks to the great sense of humor.

“We always laugh together. It helps our relationship because even when we fight, make up quickly because of the humor. I think Demi is still a little bigger and will also participate in our jokes,” – said Victoria.
Дочь Игоря Крутого рассказала о скандалах с мужем

The couple is so love make fun of each other, even created a page on Instagram where you post funny videos and photos. Restaurateur David Berkowitz pleases beloved not only humorous, but also daily support, which is so necessary businesswoman.

Recently Cool along with your girlfriend manages a network of floral shops. This business is for Victoria not only a way of earnings, but also sources of inspiration. However, she does not deny that juggle the responsibilities of mom with operational issues, she is not easy.

“When Demi was little, she had a lot of attention. I nursed her for almost a year, and it could not particularly to go anywhere. But all of my friends and colleagues, naturally understand my absence and supported. Now my daughter is older and it became much easier to be engaged in its education, and business”, – said the composer’s daughter.

According to Victoria, little Demi is your favorite star grandfather. Igor Krutoy is trying to be around a girl as much time as possible. They often play together on the piano, and it shows the excellent musical abilities.

However, a young mother tries to grow up from baby star. According to Victoria, is much more important that the girl became a good person with varied interests. At the age of three years, Demi speaks English and learns Russian and Portuguese.

Victoria itself often spends time on the road. She lives between new York and Moscow, but not used to complain about the busy work schedule. Communicating with Peopletalk, the daughter of the composer admitted that he feels happy and grateful family for all the opportunities she has.