Дочь Григория Лепса растет его копией
The artist showed a rare photo of 16-year-old eve.

Grigory Leps with his daughter Eva

Photo: Instagram

Grigory Leps delighted fans by posting in the personal
microblog a photo of 16-year-old daughter eve. Members of the artist was amazed
how a girl like her father. “Daddy’s girl!” “Eve — you, Gregory!”
“Happy to be — say when a daughter to father!” — they wrote.

By the way, middle daughter of artist as well as dad linked his
life with creativity. Though not a musical, and theatrical. It already
tries herself as an actress. Eva is engaged in a dramatic school and is about to enter the theater Institute. Scene girlfriend loves and
hopes to become a famous dramatic actress.

However, when Leps are asking the question if he wanted to kids went in
the thorny path of show business or cinema, where the worst test is the copper
pipe, the singer gives a negative answer. Recently he is very categorical
spoke, when asked whether the artist, his son, seven-year Ivan. “More
one musician in the family I will not survive, and if the son still sing, throw it
from home, — says the artist. — Let him does what he wants, just not music
— if anything, I’ll find him a hobby to you”.