Дочь Григория Лепса пожаловалась на жестокость отца According to the girl, dad rarely praises her for her achievements. Grigory Leps is confident that his daughter should concentrate on one activity and not to waste the energy in vain. However, Inga intends to develop as an actress and as a singer.
Дочь Григория Лепса пожаловалась на жестокость отца

A couple of years ago fans of the show “the Voice” was surprised that one of the blind auditions come to a daughter of Grigory Leps Inga. The girl sang a beautiful song in English, but failed to qualify to the next round. The singer, who was sitting in the jury, was surprised by the appearance of the successor, and so spoke frankly about her problems with vocals.

In the program, “Tonight”, dedicated to the Leps, Inga once again I remembered the situation. She complained that the father seldom praises her.

“From the Pope not wait for a compliment or praise. He is always very strict and critical. But I have long got used to it, not offended,” – said the girl.

Now Inga is actively engaged in the work, manages to work as an actress. However, she hopes to build her singing career. Himself Leps confident that his daughter should focus on one activity. He stressed once again that in the program.

“Of course, my daughter has a lot of advantages, they just need to develop. I don’t think that needs to constantly articulate these advantages. It should finally choose the activity and work in it, not being distracted by anything else,” said the musician.

Many fans maintain strict father. In their opinion, Leps behaves correctly, because it does not allow children to use its popularity and encourages heirs to take control of their life.

But the guests sided with Inga. So, Polina Gagarina stressed that the daughter of the Leps is a very beautiful timbre of voice, and so she has a future in the music industry. Oleg Gazmanov, whose son also performs on stage, well aware of the concerns of Gregory. “We all want our children to have achieved something. Was still above us. However, to do this, you need to have a great desire, a night without sleep and work. Then we will be able to prove anything” – summed up artist.

In the end, Leps concluded that forbids his daughter to study music. It only encourages her to do it professionally. The artist advised her daughter to work out with the teacher at least a year, and only after that to go to new auditions. Inga has confirmed the intention to ever have a singing career.