Дочь Геннадия Хазанова показала повзрослевшую внучку артиста The actress posted on Instagram a rare photo. Thus Alice Khazanov touching congratulated his own daughter happy birthday. The picture shows how much the girl like great-granddad.

The daughter of the famous Maestro Gennady Khazanov, actress Alice has two daughters – Mine and Junior ava. Today, the artist congratulated touching older child’s birthday.

“My beauty 15 years. Can’t believe it! I love and proud to meet you! Thank you, I have you!”

Khazanov rarely shared with the fans family shots. The actress tries not to advertise personal life. Recti the daughter showed that she is very similar to the famous grandfather.

Alice admitted in an interview that it is not easy to raise children. She is literally torn between family and work. Also, the actress has told that Gennady – great grandfather. He likes to go with her granddaughter to the theater. He Khazanov admitted that it is always very worried about my only daughter, so they regularly talk on the phone.

“Alice is a talented person when I see her on screen, I do not work his father’s reflexes, that’s my daughter. She is my only deepest respect, she never wanted her, as many have lobbied in some projects. I know that must be very sensitive to treat children and grandchildren. Understand that Alice already has her own life, family. Here it is today I not called, for example, and the next day I suddenly recognized what she was viewing in the cinema House. Well, I learned a day later that such. I’m not in that condition to me every hour to control. I’m not offended,” said Gennady.

We will remind, in 2015, Alice has married for the third time. Her lover was a successful lawyer Dmitry Shokhin. The wedding took place in Seychelles with family and friends. About a happy event in your life Khazanov on the personal page in Instagram, posting a picture with the inscription “Newlyweds” and tags “Shokhin and Khazanov”, “Go”, “Happy together”…

Dmitry has a son from a previous relationship. Common children the couple yet.